The Number-Crunching Experts That Carry A Business


Steve Jobs once described creativity as the art of connecting things inside the business.

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.”

His creative vision of Apple has certainly proved the point. Jobs turned the technology company into an exciting world that not only appealed – and continue to appeal – to a variety of customers, but that also managed to renew itself.

Consequently, the company flourished as soon as Jobs was hired back as the CEO of Apple in the late 1990s. With him, the iconic “Think different” advertising campaign was born, and Apple could build the success we know.

However, it would be a little too easy to assume that all you need to turn your company around and create a path to success is creativity.

Indeed, Jobs didn’t revive Apple alone. He worked closely with professional number crunchers, experts in various sectors who could help him to read the meaning behind the company figures. You need number-crunching skills to build growth.


Who are my customers?

You can’t approach the market if you don’t know your customers. That’s precisely why every compâny need to employ a full-time data analyst who can help them to gain deeper insights into the causes of customer behavior.

A data analyst works with a variety of data mining techniques; such as clustering analysis, search-driven analysis, and predictive analysis. Ultimately, the combination of these techniques can highlight patterns of consumption, specific demographics, and helpful forecast that can be part of your market strategy.

Additionally, a successful company can also find advantageous information to encourage expansion or even market differentiation.


How much do I earn?

As simplistic as it might sound, not many business owners have a strong understanding of their financial situation.

Indeed, a company budget can include many complex factors that affect not only the current cash flow, but that might also change tax status and returns.

Without the support of an expert business accountant, it’s easy to struggle with matters of tax analysis, day-to-day bookkeeping, and budget planning, without mentioning the risk of not keeping up-to-date with tax reforms.

Knowing how much you have at any given point can help to decide on future investments as well.



How much time do we have?

In the business world, every project is urgent, and some of them should ideally have been completed yesterday.

Unfortunately, while small businesses can happily manage a handful of projects simultaneously, the growth process requires to boost their revenues; aka take on more projects without immediately hiring more staff.

Without a dedicated project manager who can ensure that every task is assigned correctly to the best-suited talent based on priority, it’s impossible to meet all your deadlines.

Time is a precious resource in the business world; it’s best to leave it a pro to manage if you don’t want to waste it on tasks that don’t generate sufficient income.

It’s through the combination of these three expertise – data analysis, accountancy, and project management – that Jobs could make his vision of a creative and inspiring tech company happen. Not every business has the potential to compete against Apple, but every company can revive itself in the same way Jobs saved Apple.


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