4 Actionable Tips to Promoting Yourself and Getting Ready for a New Job


So you think it’s time to get a new job? You’re not satisfied with what you’re doing professionally, and it’s time to move forward with something else. But then you have a lot of thinking, research, and action to consider. Just because you want a new job doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get one. The desire for a new profession does not create a space in which you can just step into.

That’s why learning how to promote yourself and get ready for your new job is such a vital priority. First, you need to clean up your resume. After that, you should prepare yourself for interviews.

Make sure that you clean up your digital profiles before you get out there and look for a new career. And recognize that the professional landscape is changing because of new technology and new cultural norms.


#1 Clean Up Your Resume

The first thing you should do if you’re planning on getting a new job is to fix up your resume. There are two ways to look at this as well. You are going to have your online resume, which is typically hosted at somewhere like LinkedIn. And then there is your printable resume, which follows slightly different formatting rules.

You need to make sure that both your digital and physical resumes are perfect, and you can also note that for different jobs, you can tweak various aspects of them to customize your applications.


#2 Prepare for Interviews

You should create an interview preparation checklist for every kind of job that you might potentially interview for. With this checklist, you can go over possible questions and answers with friends, family, and career counterparts. The more time you spend preparing and working through these checklists, the better your performance will ultimately be when it comes time to do the actual interview.


#3 Clean Up Your Digital Profiles

Before you go looking for a job, you need to clean up your digital profiles. Go through all of your social media platforms and eliminate anything you don’t want people seeing.

Especially when it comes to opinions that you may or may not have any more several years after you were involved in a discussion – those are the kinds of things that you don’t necessarily need employers to see.


#4 Recognize the Changing Landscape

Right now, the world is changing very fast. Careers are coming and going more quickly than people can keep up. One of the most essential qualities to have when you’re looking for a job is the ability to be flexible. So, even if you have a degree in one subject, that doesn’t mean you’re not valuable somewhere else.

And management techniques and people skills work no matter what. So understanding that you have to work with the changing landscape rather than the changing landscape working with you is an important mental note to keep in mind.

What are you doing to promote yourself for a new job?

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