The Professions That Will Keep You Fit, Both in Body and in Mind


If you feel that your career is in a bit of a lull, and if you are dead set on improving both your physical and your mental fitness, then why don’t you devote your next professional step to such a venture?

Yes, why don’t you forge yourself a career in a profession that will give you either a physical or mental workout or even a workout in both, every time you start your shift?

To see some of the best professions out there today that will keep you fit in body and in mind, make sure to read on.

#1 Personal Training

Becoming a personal trainer is, of course, one of the best professions to forge a career in if you want to get to the top of your physical peak and if you then want to stay there.

By becoming a PT you would be granted daily access to gyms and all the equipment they hold, meaning you would be able to work out both when you are on the job and with a client as well as when you are on your break.

Plus, as a personal trainer, you would have all the knowledge on how to reach optimum physicality engrained within you thanks to the courses you would have had to have taken on fitness qualifications in order to become a professional in the field.

So, if you want to get to the very top of your physical condition and stay there, then start your career trajectory in the direction of becoming a personal trainer.

And, when you do, make sure to take OriGym’s advice on doing so — by doing so you’ll know all the best places to go and all the best things to do in order to drum up as much business as you can for yourself.

#2 Ski instructing

You don’t just have to spend your working hours clanging and banging weights or cycling miles on exercise bikes in the gym to be a trainer or instructor of fitness, you know.

No, you can become a fitness instructor in a very specific field and still both reach and then maintain your peak physical health.

For instance, if skiing or being in snowy climates, in general, are passions of yours, then why don’t you forge a career in ski instructing?

By doing so you would be able to induce your passion as a profession, meaning you’d never get bored, and you’d get incredibly fit along the way.

If you do take such a venture, however, just, whatever you do, make sure you take out all the insurance needed to do so because, as skiing is such a high-octane form of physical activity, you never quite know when you or anybody that you instruct could become injured. And, if that were to be the case, you’d need cover!

Or, if you’re somebody that doesn’t like cold climates, then fear not as there are hotter forms of climate-based fitness instructing, one such being becoming a beach instructor or even a lifeguard,

#3 Teaching

As the title suggests, this isn’t just an article about finding yourself a profession that will keep you physically fit. No, there are professions out there that will keep you mentally in shape, too, one such being the profession of teacher.

Yes, when you forge a career in teaching and then land yourself that lucrative first teaching role, you will find that your mental health benefits greatly as a result.

You will find that this is the case because you will constantly be having to think forward in regard to lesson plans and how to keep certain students in line via different types of interaction.

And, because there will never be a shortage of students, this will be an ongoing task for as long as you choose to stay in the teaching profession. So, your brain will be kept in a constant state of ticking over, with will then only help it to fend off illnesses such as dementia later in life.

What’s more, as a teacher you will also be doing your fair share of moving around, as well, as you’d be moving from classroom to classroom, a lot of the time lugging big, heavy books around with you as you do; this means being a teacher could just end up benefiting both your mental health as well as your cardiovascular health, too.

And, of course, if you’re a teacher of physical education then you would tap into the benefits of both body and mind fitness enhancement daily.

#4 Nursing

Another profession that will give both your body and your mind a workout during each and every shift in nursing.

Yes, by becoming a professional health giver in the form of becoming a nurse, you would give your body a workout every day as you run across your ward trying to ensure that every patient is tended to exactly as they should be.

And, you’d give your mind a workout every day as you’d constantly be learning about new medical advancements and new forms of treating patients, too.

And, to add to all of this, you’d get first-hand experience on what it is like to deal with ill health and, specifically, things that induce this ill health, meaning you’d be far less likely to do things that could contribute to your own health taking a turn for the worst.

So, if you want a profession that will truly keep you healthy, then become a professional health giver.

So, there you have it, just a few of the best professions out there to keep you fit both in body and in mind. And, if you are somebody that wants to dedicate your whole life to attaining peak health, and not just your spare time, then you should really be considering them when you come to your next career change.

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