Here’s Why It May Really Be Worth Your Time to Start a Small Business


It seems, more or less, like one of the worst feelings in life has got to be the sensation that you’ve slipped into a monotonous, unfulfilling rut, and can’t find your way out again.

Often, this particular form of misery befalls people in relation to their professional lives. Maybe they look up one day and realize, with a start, that there they sit, doing a job they absolutely despise, with no clear sign of advancement in sight, and no desire or interest in even trying to make the most of things.

People in this situation are subject to having a chronically bad time. And people who aren’t in this situation are scared of falling into it.

Here’s why a good solution may be to start up a small business and why it may really be worth your time, in general, to start up a small business.

Sure, it’s not exactly straightforward, and by no means easy. You may need to view commercial properties, make actions plans, and more. But it’s still a good idea.


Life Is Short, and You Only Really Move Forward by Taking Risks and Putting Yourself Out There

Most us don’t really like to think about our mortality very often. Yet, alas, life is short and fleeting, and we only really move forward by taking risks and putting ourselves out there.

By starting up your own business, you are “putting yourself out there” in a big way, and are exposing yourself to a wide array of learning experiences, insights, and opportunities that can each transform your life for the better.

Even if your first shot at starting a business doesn’t work out — which is usual — it will well pave the road for great success down the line.


Working for Yourself Is Likely to Make Your Life Much More Meaningful

One of the key reasons why people are often deeply unfulfilled in their day jobs is because they feel that they are performing essentially meaningless work, that they don’t care about, on behalf of someone else who sees them only as a cog in a machine.

When you work for yourself, things change. Now, you know that your boss really has your best interests at heart. And, in addition, you’re free to pursue whatever avenue of professional development you find to be most ultimately meaningful.

And that is, needless to say, a great thing.


The Promise of Following Your Own Path That a Small Business Offers, May Fill You with Hope and Possibility at the Very Least

Scott Adams, the cartoonist responsible for the Dilbert comics, has written an autobiographical success guide, in which he notes that one benefit of side hustles, projects, and startups is that — if nothing else — they inject a sense of hope and possibility into our lives.

This, he argues, is by no means trivial. It keeps us motivated, gives us the ability to tolerate more stress and irritation in other domains of our lives, and essentially brings our souls to life.

If nothing else, starting your own business may fill you with hope and possibility — and that’s certainly worth something.

Are you thinking about starting a small business?

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