6 Reasons to Go Digital in the Front Office


With the emergence of innovative check in apps for offices, such as Greetly, human receptionists are slowly being obsolete.

They are now being replaced by digital receptionists. If your office is still not considering the adoption of the latter, keep on reading and we will list down some of the compelling reasons to finally take the front office in a digital platform.


#1 Save Money

While there are many ways to save money in the office, one of the simplest steps that can be undertaken is to let go of the human receptionist and use a digital platform instead. In the long run, this is cheaper.

All that you need is a tablet or a laptop and a decent software that will make it easy to manage the arrival of guests. You no longer need to employ a full-time employee and provide the person with benefits.


#2 Achieve Competitive Advantage

Gaining a competitive advantage in business is possible in many ways. One that should not be ignored is the use of a digital receptionist.

This is going to set you apart from those that are still stuck with the conventional way of receiving guests in the lobby.

Consequently, this also presents an excellent way to make a good first impression and build a reputation.


#3 Minimize Waiting Time

One of the reasons why guests pile up in the lobby is because of the manual process of registering in a logbook. They also have to present their IDs before entering.

Meanwhile, with the use of modern office sign in apps, the check-in process will be significantly quicker. This is because it is already automated.

The system will capture the photo and signature of the guests electronically.


#4 Improve Security

Going digital in the front office will also be great in terms of improving security in the workplace.

Anyone who intends to commit a crime can be deterred because the photos will be captured before entry, making it easier to identify the culprits for any untoward activity.

The system can also block entry of anyone who has already been blacklisted.


#5 Avoid Missed Calls

Customers or potential clients can be frustrated when they call the front office and no one is available to answer. This problem can be resolved by having a digital receptionist.

It can take calls even during off hours. Plus, you can also set up automated replies. This is one of the best ways to improve customer service.


#6 Build a Better Image

This pretty much sums up the benefits that have been mentioned above. When you go digital, you will be seen as a tech-savvy company that is willing to embrace innovative practices to deliver better services to its clients.

With the benefits that have been mentioned above, there is no doubt that going digital is the way to go when it comes to designing an exceptional front office. It does not only help to cut down costs, but it is also influential in establishing an improved image, among other benefits.

Are you looking to go digital in your front office?

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