4 New and Easy to Use Spy Apps to Protect Your Loved Ones


Today, the world is full of lies and cheats many people enjoy it, while many don’t. These lies and cheats serve as enjoyment for many people but this can hurt others.

With rapid changes in technology now people can keep track or spy their loved ones like children, family, friends, and spouses as well.

Several ways are there through which you can keep track on your target and using spy app is one of the best and most effective ways which can be considered.

Some best-rated spy app is listed below for you…


#1 TheOneSpy

It enables you to gather the information from the target device on the go. The spy app for cell phone works sneakily and the user can perform stealth operations without the target person knowing. Besides, it provides end-user an account to perform monitoring on the target device to get the information you are looking for at the moment.

TheOneSpy is full of solutions against all your aims and makes you perform tracking secretly having a user –friendly interface. Furthermore, you can collect different sorts of data from the target mobile device likewise, call logs WhatsApp, Facebook, text messages and logs of major instant messaging apps. However, it has come up with plenty of exclusive features far better than the counterfeits products available in the business.


#2 MobiStealth

This app is easy to use and help you in getting all the important information in ago. As the name suggests this app takes stealth seriously that means a user can use it effectively without letting the owner find it.

It even provides the user with detailed information of all data which is tracked online using an account. As soon as you will make an account and sign it, you can start tracking and get desired information in no time.

Some of the main benefits of the MobiStealthspy app are it is completely stealthy, very easy to use and can monitor any type of data including call logs, Skype, WhatsApp, SMS, IM apps and much more.

But at the same time, its biggest drawback is it lacks many advanced features which you will find in many other spy apps and programs.


#3 mSpy

One of the best spy apps with most advanced features is mspy. In fact, it has become the first choice of employers, spouses and parents to keep an eye on their targets. mSpy has a user-friendly and customer-centric approach with services like extendable windows, iOS, and Android platform.

This app can help you in retrieving the calling history with a minute to minute details including duration of the call, name of recipients, date and time. It even permits the user to access messenger chats like Snapchat, Viber, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

mSpy can help you in viewing personal passwords and messages and emails as well of the targeted phone using a feature of advanced keylogger. It also provides the option of Geofencing. This feature allows you to mark forbidden and allowed areas and even send alerts if any areas are accessed.


#4 The TruthSpy

It is one of the highly affordable spying software and its features are available in several packages for Android devices with versions 2.2 to 5.0 and above.

The main feature of this application is that it works in stealth mode and you can easily gain access to the target device. This application allows the advanced features like location finder, message tracking, videos and photos everything is included. The TruthSpy even monitors all social networking loggings and browsing history as well.

Moreover, this application also allows the user to record videos and audios with flexibility on the target device and help in blocking them remotely with help of SMS commands and live control panel.

Similar to many other apps, it also possesses feature like keylogger using which you can track information from the targeted device and track passwords as well. It even provides notification when any restricted data or site is accessed on the device.

Are you using a Spy App to Protect your loved ones?

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