5 Out Of The Box Ways To Market Your Business


There are all the usual ways to market your product or service. We are thinking business cards, flyers, print advertising, email marketing, your website, and overhead banners.

These are all well and good, and we would never knock any of them. However, sometimes you need to be creative. To ensure a greater chance of a sale, it’s time to think outside of the box a little and rethink the ways you can market your business.

Consider the following as examples.


#1 The art of graffiti marketing

We need to be clear here. We aren’t telling you to scrawl your business address and number on every wall in town. That’s probably illegal.

Instead, be wise and commission a mural from a local artist, provided you have the permission from your local government office.

The artwork should include your brand image and appropriate wording, in bright and attractive colors, standing out to make passersby stop and have a look.


#2 Organise an event

Hire an event venue and invite the press, family, friends, and community groups to your gathering. Provided you have plenty of incentive for them to turn up (we are thinking food and entertainment), you can use your event to market your business.

From standing on stage to give your business a shout out, to having brochures and exhibits on the floor level to impress your visitors, the cost of organizing the event should be offset by the sales you generate afterward.


#3 Create a comic strip

We all know the importance of visual marketing. You probably have great photos on your website already, and chances are you have considered the use of video to promote your products. Great!

But have you considered a comic strip? Easy to read and with attractive coloring, create your own comic online, with industry-specific stories and product placement, in as clever and witty way as possible.

Then post it on your website and across social media to inform and entertain your customers.


#4 Begin a competition

With this marketing strategy, everyone’s a winner! Well, not everybody, but one lucky person will be, and you will benefit from the advertising and sales it generates.

Examples? Perhaps a sweepstake for those who subscribe to your emails, a caption competition for one of your products, or a ‘submit your vote’ contest on your website, perhaps around something industry-specific.

Competitions should fun and easy to enter, shareable across social media, and utilized as a way to obtain potential customer information, highlight your services, and to get your business positive word-of-mouth.


#5 Become an expert

You must be doing something right to begin a business in the first place, right? Hopefully, you will already have a little bit of expertise in one or more areas of your endeavor.

So broadcast your credentials in a number of ways, including writing and marketing an eBook, becoming a guest contributor on other people’s blogs, and creating podcasts that can be shared and downloaded across social media.

Not only are you marketing your worth in business, but you are also generating interest in whatever product or service you are offering. Result!



The more you market your business, the more successful it will become. You should look at marketing in all its forms, but to really impress the public, try and be as creative as possible.

We hope our ideas helped, and if you have any out-of-the-box strategies for marketing your business, please let us know.

What out of the box ways are you marketing your business?

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