Choosing Strategically Lucrative Investments In 2017

Historical Considerations

As you’re looking for industries worth investing in, you should look for those on an upward trend in certain respects. There are certain core industries which are going to continue remaining necessary in a sustainable way, and those which will come and go. Take previous technologies as an example.

When the steam engine was an economic force in America, companies involved in producing related accouterments would naturally be dependable. As new technology came along, those companies either had to upgrade, diversify, or die. Some did, some didn’t. Well, today, the same thing is going on technologically.

To find investment opportunities that will be lucrative on a continuous basis, you want to find a company that is working in the burgeoning and established technologies. Granted, such indicators aren’t always a guarantee of investment success, but they do expand the likelihood thereof.


Investment Options

One organization you might look into is Weiss-Aug. Weiss-Aug performs custom assembly as needed for varying technological pursuits.

Stitching, multiple inserts, and laser welding this company offers are techniques commonly used in technology industries that include internal computer components, automotive developments, and aerospace innovations. 

Such industries define modernity, and will likely dovetail into newer technologies, so these realities recommend Weiss-Aug as an investment choice.


Perennial Investment Considerations

All that being said about modern technologies, there are certain technology solutions which remain essentially the same for hundreds of years. There’s not much you can do to innovate a rake, except perhaps build it better and coat it with material that doesn’t lead to splinters. The tech behind it is essentially the same.

In construction, there are many operations which have this quality. One is trench box shoring—if you’re unfamiliar, this involves hydraulic shoring as one of the safest, most versatile means and methods of shoring. That’s technology difficult to improve on, and likely to continue being relevant for decades, indicating that companies which provide such tech may represent a worthy investment.

That’s technology difficult to improve on, and likely to continue being relevant for decades, indicating that companies which provide such tech may represent a worthy investment.


Lower-Cost Investments

If you’re not financially endowed enough to make substantial investments with such broad-ranging technology solutions as those, you might look into tangible investment—that is an investment where you can directly see the impact of what you’ve spent.

One industry that may be worth considering in this way is sustainable energy—check out how individual homeowners stand to save tens of thousands through installing solar solutions. Spending on this technology now can save you a great deal of money immediately, and as time goes by.

A 3.1 kWh solar energy system can be purchased, shipped, and installed for around $5k—if you do the installation yourself, and buy as cost-effectively as you can.

This increases property value $10k to $20k, depending on the state, decreases utility expenses substantially or entirely (depending on your situation), and provides you with tax breaks.

It’s conceivable to see a five-fold increase in your $5k solar energy investment potentially through property increase and tax breaks.

If you spend $150 a month on electricity without the 3.1 kWh system, in ten years you’ve saved $18,000 in utilities with it. So even if you don’t sell your home, this investment will yet pay for itself.

When you’re looking to invest, a key strategy should involve recouping spent assets in their entirety by the end of the investment cycle. That means, worst-case scenario, you break even.

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