Why Your Current Marketing Plan is Failing to Find Its Audience


Marketing is one part strategy and one part luck. You don’t always know what’s going to work and just because something may have worked for someone else, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to work for you.

Most commonly, the reason behind a failed marketing plan isn’t lack of time or effort, but the inability to target the right audience effectively.

Ultimately, you need to be able to understand your audience, because there’s a vast amount of demographics and psychographics that you need to be considering.

If you’re struggling to get a response from your marketing, here’s where you may be going wrong.


You’re Not Doing Your Market Research

It’s vital to know who your typical customer is so that you’re developing the right message.

You should always conduct thorough research into who buys off your competitors and what type of marketing they respond to.

For example, if you’re selling cleaning supplies directly to the consumer, your customers are going to be disproportionately homemakers.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to sell the same product in bulk, then you’re trying to hook distributors and suppliers, and you need to craft your message around these people.

You’re Putting Your Message in the Wrong Place

Many businesses assume that their audience will be on one specific platform, like Facebook, and wont promote their content anywhere else.

If you’re Facebook posts aren’t getting any traction (even after investing in paid advertising), your audience aren’t there.

Try branching out into other forms of marketing and measure the success of each method.

For example, attending exhibitions has created success for many businesses over the years, as displaying their products on a custom-built display stand is a great way for consumers to see the business and product in action.

Find out where your audience are predominately based, and use both online and offline methods to reach out to them.


You’re Marketing to Everyone

Every business wants to create a brand that everyone around the world can recognise, but this simply isn’t strategic or realistic.

Creating an effective marketing plan means you need to forget about the vast majority of the population and focus exclusively on your target consumers.

There’s no way you’ll be able to target the needs of several groups of people in one single advertisement.

It’s far easier and far less time consuming to market to a specific audience in the beginning, and gradually broaden out as you grow in popularity and success. Even the big brands like Coca Cola had to start somewhere, so find your starting point and take it from there.


You’re Expecting the Marketing to do All the Work

Is it possible to market a totally useless product?

Sure. But will it bring in revenue?

Probably not. It’s incredibly difficult to sell something that has no clear, obvious use. It’s also hard to sell an already established project if you’ve provided no development to it.

A new product has to meet a need that isn’t already being met, and a new take on an existing product has to meet needs better than its nearest competitor.

If after conducting research on your audience and targeting them correctly you still aren’t seeing results, you may want to review your product.

One of the key purposes of marketing is to communicate the purpose of your product. If your product doesn’t serve a clear purpose, then neither will your marketing.


Final Thoughts…

Marketing can be a bit of a guessing game, but by focusing on the needs of a specific demographic, you can remove some of the hardship.

Your audience are out there and if there’s a space for your product in the industry, you should be able to find them with ease. Conduct thorough research, use the right platform and be confident in your product.

If you can master this, you should be able to master marketing.

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