Intruder Alert! Why Your Cyber Security Is A Joke Right Now


Losing data, getting hacked, systems going down: cyber attacks are costly and damaging to businesses. Getting hacked can destroy your reputation with customers and lead to financial penalties.

It can also destroy your competitive advantage.

According to one study published last year, CEOs are losing more than $15 million each year thanks to weak cyber security.

Sometimes, breaches aren’t their fault. But the majority of the time, they haven’t done enough to protect their businesses from attack. In fact, many are making serious mistakes, turning their cyber security efforts into a laughing stock.


Trying To Do Cyber Security All By Yourself

Entrepreneurs are independent minded people. As such, if a job needs doing, they look to themselves before calling in anybody else.

But here’s the problem:

Trying to do all your cyber security yourself is likely to lead to disaster. There’s a significant skills shortage in the cybersecurity world right now.

According to estimates, the world needs an extra one million cyber security experts to deal with the growing threat. If you don’t have any specific cyber security skills, the best option is to approach somebody that does and get them to protect your firm.


Not Bothering To Train Employees


Most of the hacking that goes on today isn’t about finding ways to get around firewalls or hack security software code. It’s about getting your employees to divulge information that they should.

Phishing, as it is called, is where malicious hackers try to steal information from employees.

Often they’ll pose as legitimate service providers, asking for confidential information about user accounts. Phishing protection should, therefore, be an important part of your cyber security strategy.

This means training employees and using phishing detection software.


Failing To Regularly Test Security Systems


The world of business security used to be relatively straightforward. Businesses had their office-based computers, and that was that. But a lot has changed in ten years.

First, we got mobile, where people could be in communication with their businesses constantly on the go.

Then we got the whole BYOD movement, where people started to bring their own devices to work. Finally, we’re now seeing the emergence of the IoT in the workplace, bringing a bunch of additional security concerns.

These additional systems mean that the nature of security is fundamentally changing. The only way to combat new threats caused by new working models is through testing.

Companies need to automate scanning of system vulnerabilities. They also need to test out system penetration to see how difficult it is to hack these new devices.


Thinking That You’re Immune From A Breach


Many companies don’t understand the value of their data.

They live in a state of ignorance about how their data can be used for criminal advantage. CEOs often say things like, “I can’t imagine a hacker being interested in any of my data.”

This ignorance is dangerous. It leads many companies to neglect taking any security measures at all. As a result, companies lose data and have their systems hacked.

If you don’t believe a breach will happen to you, the chances that it will immediately go up.

So what are you doing to protect you’re business and more importantly your customers from falling victim to a cyber security?  Share your thoughts below in the comments.

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