Don’t Fall Into Debt Because Of Your Health! Follow These Tips To Avoid It


It’s no secret that good health doesn’t come cheap.

An unexpected medical emergency can end up costing both you and your family a lot of money.

As well as the emotional pressures caused by either yourself or someone else you know becoming ill, financial pressure only seeks to make this worse.

In fact, there’s never a worse time to be financially stressed, as this can often make your illness worse, too. Many unexpected medical bills arise out of someone not knowing that they had an underlying, or hereditary condition.

Or sometimes, they occur by chance, through sheer unfortunate accidents. Read on to find out how you can make subtle changes to your life that will help keep the medical fees at bay.

See a Good Doctor

This goes without saying. Plus, all doctors are qualified to do their jobs, so no matter who you see, the outcome will be pretty much the same.

However, having a good relationship with your doctor is paramount. They are a professional who is in charge of your health, and you pay them to be so.

With that in mind, they need to be someone who you feel you are able to talk to openly and honestly about any health concerns you may have.

All doctors must also be trained to an extent in mental health too. So if you don’t feel comfortable discussing intimate health matters with your doctor, it may be time to find a new one. 

Don’t Rely on the Internet

Let’s be honest:

We’ve all Googled our symptoms the second we start feeling ill.  Twenty minutes later, and we’ve diagnosed ourselves with anxiety, cancer, and a brain tumor.

This is of course an exaggeration, but looking at symptoms online can often be more trouble than it’s worth.

Many supposed ‘professional healthcare’ websites online aren’t always as they seem, so be wary as to where you source your information from.

Also, forums and blogs need to be taken with a pinch of salt – as remember, different types of treatment work for different people.

If you have worked yourself up about a suspected illness, the best thing to do is to put down the mouse and pick up the phone to a 24/7 medical answering service.

Speaking to a professional in person is the only way you’ll get peace of mind, and plus, they will be able to refer you for any treatment.

Check that Your Insurance Plan is Right for You


You might pick your health insurance seemingly at random, or you may simply stay on the same plan that you were on under your parents.

But with so many plans these days putting their users into a black hole of financial issues, you need to work out if it is really worth it.

If you don’t get insured, you will need to pay a federal fee, and pay one for any children who live under your care too.

So, you may as well find a plan that suits you – but remember this sounds easier than it is. Sit down and work out all your current health care costs – maybe you have an ongoing condition, or perhaps your wife is pregnant.

Then remember to account for any potential illnesses, accidents or sudden events. Once you feel in control of your medical expenditure, you can start to match up your needs with a suitable provider.


What are You Doing to Avoid Healthcare Debt?

So what have you done to cut health care cost for you and your family?  I know for me it’s been tough when it comes to medical bills.

My son recently had ear tubes put in the bill was not cheap even with a decent health plan I still paid out over $2000 in medical cost.  In the end, we were still able to get the treatment that we needed at that’s the important part.

So what’s your story when it comes to health care debt?  I would love to hear your thoughts and how you’re overcoming these issues.  Share your story below in the comments.


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