The Barriers To Growth A Small Business Owner Needs To Eliminate


Success is never guaranteed in business.

You know that much. Yet sometimes it seems like some of the hurdles ahead of your business can seem too big to cross.

That’s not the case at all. Any barrier can be broken and any business can succeed given that the idea is good. Assuming that yours is, here’s how you make sure it grows to the level it’s supposed to.



At some point, you alone are not going to be enough for your business to keep going. So, how do you make sure you’re getting the right talent on your team?

Sites like can help you find the right people with advice as well as job listings. Make sure you know your company’s methods of operating and the roles you need to be filled filled to keep that method working perfectly.

Know what you’re looking for in candidates and start targeting those who fit those definitions.



You have to have a decent head for numbers if you want to be a good business leader.

But that isn’t always so easy. The finances of a business can get out of hand quickly if you let them. So you need to start a strict record keeping system as soon as you possibly can.

Set a day of the week for invoicing and updating the payroll details. Keep separate records for invoices, expenses and the like. Sort them by date order and keep them backed up digitally as well.



Once you have a team together, you need to make sure that they’re working as efficiently as they can. Inefficiency is not always the fault of the people in the system.

It can be the fault of the system itself. So you need to look at how they’re tackling their workload.

See if together you can’t identify methods or software tools that allow them to work smarter, not harder.



Marketing plays a huge role in any business.

It’s about more that advertisements, too. It’s about your website and your business cards. It’s about your etiquette and your dedication to service.

It can even be about the size of your business. Small businesses, unfortunately, have a stigma to get over. Businesses use services like for that reason.

Using a more prestigious office address instead of your own can help you eliminate that stigma altogether.



Your image is only a part of how you beat the bigger competition out there, however.

They have the money to market more than you, so you have to be smart with it. You need to be true to the cores of your business and be focused.

Find the niche you’ve been adopting and commit yourself 100% to it. If you can do one thing better than your bigger competitors, it can be enough to win you a share of the market to grow from.


What are you Doing to Eliminate the Barriers?

Eliminating the barriers above is how you really start to see growth. After that comes the risk of scaling. Providing you’ve dealt with all of the above, we’re confident you can deal with what is yet to come.

What are some of the barriers you’re dealing with in business right now?  I would love to hear your thoughts, and stories on this topic below.

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