The Benefits of Video Conferencing for Businesses

video_confrenceing_Every year we see a new technological breakthrough; breakthroughs that change our world and expand what we are capable of doing.

In the last five to ten years, one of the big changes that the world has seen is the ability to speak with people through devices that give not just voice but video. Seeing a person’s expressions and world is just a click away now, and it’s changing the face of business entirely.

With services to improve online business meetings, BlueJeans is expanding the way businesses can be run, and it offers owners of businesses, as well as their employees, benefits that can not only increase morale but make the company run better.


Better Productivity

Planning a meeting takes a lot time and resources. Not only does the person in charge have to plan it, book the conference room, plan the agenda, and make sure that they have snacks, but the employees have to make sure they have their presentations printed out and stop what they are doing with their work to try and get to the conference room to attend. All of this time takes away from the important work the employees are meant to be doing for the company, but it was a necessary part of business.

Nowadays, with the services of web conferencing and online meetings, it’s no longer necessary to do all of this extra work that takes time away from the real goals of the business. There’s no need to book a room for the conference or even worry about catering. Each attendee can be in their own offices or homes while still attending.

Employees don’t need to worry about getting enough copies of their presentations because they can simply take their power point slides or papers and share them online to the entire group of people attending the meetings. This file sharing through these services are secure while also being sharable with the other employees. This leaves more time and resources for the company to use on their actual business goals rather than going to planning these meetings.


Added Flexibility

Business meetings aren’t usually something that is able to be planned last minute, especially when not even employee that needs to be there is local. That can cause either delays in meetings, or some members of the company not being able to be there or only being able to call in by phone.

It’s a lot easier with online conferencing to plan a last minute meeting while still being able to have all of the employees attend. Now emergency meetings don’t have to mean sacrificing something or someone to be done.


The Barriers of Geography

So many bigger companies have offices in multiple cities, and some even in multiple countries. That can make bringing employees together difficult. Before software and the internet made video meetings easy, this would mean planning business trips to other offices, which took not only time but company resources. Employees would have to leave their families for up to weeks at a time to work with others on their projects in other cities in the world.

Geography doesn’t have to slow down progress with technology today. Now it’s easy to have employees from two or more offices in different parts of the country or world in the same meeting without having to worry about travel at all. Not only does it help the company, but it keeps employees happier because they won’t have to leave family and home to travel for meetings.


Saving Businesses Money

By getting rid of the need for major traveling for business meetings, this means that the companies using the video meeting software will be reducing their spending significantly.

The companies won’t have to spend money on plane or train tickets, gas for traveling, or hotels for their employees to get them all in the same place. The savings on travel alone will make the expense of the software worth the investment.


Decrease Carbon Footprint

It’s not only money that can be saved either. With all of that traveling, as well as the printing necessary for regular business meetings, that’s using up a lot of gas and resources. We’re in a world now that smiles on businesses that try to reduce their carbon footprint and go green. What better way to do that to reduce on travel that uses up fossil fuels?


Better Client Relationships

This software can be used for clients as well as employees. It can help a client feel secure in your hands being able to talk to you face to face. People like to be able to see facial expressions and not just rely on voice, because it can be easy to make a mistake about someone’s tone.

It can also show a client that you care about their business because you are willing to set aside time to do a video call with them. It can only help your client relationships, meaning better business for you.


Do you do online business conferencing calls?  Share your thoughts, I’ve shared my thoughts on the benefits I like about them and I’d like to hear your thoughts now.

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  1. Video conferencing is a great way to save money vs. travel. Nothing can really replace the face-to-face experience when working, but skype and similar programs get you 85% of the way there!

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