SFP 009: How to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt Fast

debt free in wood typeIn today’s episode of the Stumble Forward Podcast I talk about a unique way to pay off your credit card debt in a much faster way.

Today the average american carries roughly $15,000 of credit card debt and what’s worse is most of us struggle to get this debt paid off, often times taking us years to do.

In my case I had $6500 of credit card debt it was going to take me over 3 years to get this debt paid off.  It was at this point I decide their had to be a better way.

So I did a lot searching and thinking and eventually came up with a plan that allowed me to pay this debt off in one months time.  Now I don’t claim that everyone can do it as fast as I did but even if it cut half the time off it would be worth it.

So check the episode now.

In This Episode…

  • I’m going to share how I paid off $6500 in credit card in 1 month.
  • The process I used to help me pay off this debt.
  • I’m also going to share the tools I use to make this happen.

The Process I Used To Pay Off $6500 of Credit Card Debt

  • Ask The Right Questions.  The first step to paying off your credit card debt is to ask the right questions.  A lot of time we ask all the wrong questions when it comes paying off your debt.  Find out the right questions you should ask in this episode.
  • Put A Budget Together. The next step is to put together a budget and start looking at different ways that you could improve your budget and financial situation the fastest.
  • Take Action.  Finally, with all the different ideas in front of you it’s time to take action and focus on one course until successful.

Links Mentioned In This Episode

  • FreeMind –  A free mind mapping software.
  • Mint.com – A free budgeting software.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping up, it can take you as long as you want or as short as you want to pay off your credit card debt, but you just need to be willing to take responsibility and do it.

So take some time and follow the steps I laid out in this episode and you should be on a path paying down you credit card debt in no time.

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Thanks for listening and I will see you in the next episode.

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