Why the UK Is So Popular With International Investors

London skylineIn lieu of China’s recent investment of £800 million into the development of Manchester Airport and its neighboring businesses (a decision which reportedly aims to create some 16,000 jobs), we felt inclined to ask – just what is it that makes the UK such a popular nation to invest in?

Quick Start-Up

Experiencing teething problems and a slow start in business is often inevitable, right? Not for Britain. According to a study by World Bank, the UK is ranked as the easiest place to establish and run a business, taking an average of only 13 days to begin operating – that’s what you call a head start in business.

Fewer Barriers

International entrepreneurs looking to expand their companies are more likely to consider the UK as their launch platform because of the least amount of barriers imposed on trading.

Getting a foot in the EU market without running into red tape is impossible but the UK gives outside investor’s easy access to fundamental factors such as company resources and a workforce. Britain’s wealth of opportunities and stable environment allow for a simple and straightforward start in business – all anyone could hope for!

Low Tax Rate

Setting up a business in environments with a low tax rate are always attractive to the global market and much to the delight of foreign investors, the UK is in possession of the lowest corporate tax at 28 percent – the lowest tax rate in the G7.

Links with China

When you consider that China is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, it is little wonder that their strong political and business links with Britain is so attractive to international investors.

The UK has received more than double the investment from China than from any other European country. Many of the UK’s largest companies are backed by Chinese groups including Weetabix and various companies that make London taxis.

Forging and maintaining strong relationships is vital in business, especially if you are considering investment. More than any other financial transaction, an investment requires you to put your utmost faith in someone – and any investment firm worth its salt should encourage this in its investors.

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  1. I invested in the UK when I was living there but kept the investments because I believe the pound will remain strong against the dollar and other currencies, and like you said the tax rate is low. It is easy to manage those investments online too.

  2. I agree Pauline the british pound is very strong compared to the US dollar and I don’t think any of that will be changing anytime soon.

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