The Worst Yet Essential Financial Investments We Make


Eurgh. That’s literally how we feel about money all of the time. Unless you’re someone who is really well off, perhaps you have your own business or just a good job, then you might not get this eurgh feeling as much as the average Joe.

Now for most of us, we do have that feeling every single day, because trying to get on top of money and to get into the swing of things in terms of actually managing it successfully, can be hard. So we have this recurring feeling of dread and doubt, and it usually comes in halfway through the month, after we’ve spent the first half of the month splashing the cash.

But there are a few financial investments that we just have to do. The ones that we simply can’t get out of, because we’ve molded our lives around them. So if we can’t get out of them, it’s about time that we go about managing them a lot better.

There are plenty of things that we could do to change the way that we do this, especially for those of you who have a terrible track record of doing so. So, let’s get this article started, and we’ll show you some of the biggest investments we have to make, and how they can be managed better!

The Home Investment

Investing in your home is something you were either more than ready to do or something that you felt you had to do. Some situations you might find yourself in would push you towards buying a house, even if you were not financially ready.

So it might be that you found out you were having a baby, or perhaps your parents were forcing you out so they could get their own new place. Whatever the reason be, there’s nothing worse than going into a mortgage, or even renting, when you are just not prepared. Even if you are prepared, it does not make the management any better.

So there is one good thing that you could try and do to make life a little easier, and one is remortgaging. It’s not a hard process to go through, all you have to do is contact a mortgage advisor, and get the ball rolling. It could mean that your monthly repayments go down, and even if it’s just by less than 100, it’s still better than nothing at all.

You should also think about the lifestyle that surrounds your home. If you know you’re the type to always be buying new gadgets or accessories for your home, then obviously it’s going to get to the point where you’re spending far too much money on it!


The Car Investment

Investing in a car is one of the best times of your life. If you can think back to the time where you had not long passed your test, and all of that money you had saved up, or all of that money your parents might have given you, can finally go towards a car.

But not long after, you will quickly realize how expensive these can be, yet how controlling they can also be. You really can’t live without a car once you have one, and you may even start taking the fact that you do have one, for granted. So many people get lazy with their driving and take up bad habits like speeding around or driving on phones. You don’t have to be going a million miles over the speed limit, all you have to be doing is going a little bit over, and something so bad could happen.

So it might not be long before you need to let these car accident lawyers work on your case. So next time you get into the car, think about the habits that you will have picked up, and how they might one day affect you and the people around you. You should also think about the car that you drive, and whether you’re spending far too much on it. So many of you will have jumped into a finance deal, thinking that style and looks is better than your financials.

So if you’re stuck paying for something that’s crippling you at the minute, see how easy it would be to trade the car in, and pay off your finance. Saving for a car and buying it outright is so much more rewarding than having it on finance, and your bank account will definitely thank you for it!


The Family Investment

When you start your own family, you’re starting your own investment without being able to get out of it. But it’s one of the best investments that you will ever make, and the years of joy that you will have will far outweigh the troubles you’ll have with money.

But when the money troubles come, they seem to come in thick and fast. It might be around the time of one of your children’s birthdays, and then something around the home breaks. So before you know it, you’ve got some big payouts in one month, and if you don’t plan your money well in advance, it can cause such big stress. So we cannot stress this enough, you need to have a few pockets of savings, or you will struggle so much to get through family life.

So it might mean cutting back on a few luxuries that you used to have, or it might just mean that you’re saving more efficiently. You should have a look into premium bonds as a way of making more money on top of the money you’re saving, and you should also think about setting up a strict savings plan, so you can feel your mind relax as the pile grows and grows.


The Silly Investments

Then there are the silly investments, but we want to finish off by saying everyone should go through this stage. To have silly investment, you’ve found something that has really caught your eye, and think will make your life tons better.

Whether it be investing in something for around the home, or actually trying out investing through techniques such as bitcoin. You have to be able to use your money how you want to, but with silly investments kept to a minimum.


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