Readers Story: Milton Hayward Scam Ripping Off People

Recently, I had been contacted by a lady named Laura who had been involved in a pretty bad scam where she was asked to invest money with a company called Milton Hayward[Is this the company’s name or the man’s name or both?].  Her story is what follows.

Laura’s Story About The Milton Hayward Scam

My family and I believe that we have been involved in a large investment scam. We were contacted by a company called Milton Hayward about 8 months ago; they wanted us to invest in a company called ‘For-gold’. After careful consideration and further persuasion from Milton Hayward, we did it…we invested and sent a large sum of money over to Hong Kong.

We were dealing with three main contacts at Milton Hayward – John Cannon, Mark Harvey and Micheal Gellard. The investment was said to be a signed deal and we were scheduled to have our money back plus all the extra within 6 months! Then they kept on asking for more and more. We were trapped!   We felt scared to lose our money and struggled to hold on to the fact that they were telling us that we would get it back soon.

It is now clear that this is what ‘boiler room’ scams are all about…but we thought we had checked everything and were too trusting in what they had said.

Our present mission is to find more people that have been burnt by this company in order to fight back. I know we have probably lost all our money but I want to help others and try to make people more aware of the dirty scumbags that are out there!

Have You Been Involved Or Have Information

I really feel bad for Laura and her situation.  I’ve fallen for my share of scams so I know how she feels.  The worst part of all: She has been searching the Internet and can’t find any info about this scam.  I know because I’ve tried myself.

This is where you come in.  If you have any info on this scam please leave a comment below. If you have been a victim of this scam, please feel free to leave your story below as well.

Together, we can all work towards exposing these criminals to prevent others from falling prey to this terrible scam.

Next week Monday I will be posting an article on how to report scams like these and what to do.  One thing I’ve noticed is that once people have fallen for scams like this, they don’t know where to turn next.  In that post I hope to take some of the mystery out of reporting scams.

Till Then,


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  1. I also invested with Milton Hayward, buying 300 disney shares in December 2008. The person i dealt with was David Bassett. He then moved on to be replaced by John Cannon who tried to sell me other investments. I declined, and cannot contact them. All emails returned.
    Guess i have also been scammed!

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  4. Abhorrent practices by lenders within the mortgage industry are called abusive lending. There are some guides for you to identify those blabbermouth swindlers.Think first before biting. And it might be necessary to contact an attorney in your particular state to learn more about this kind of abusive lending.

  5. I was also contacted by Dave Basset of Milton Hayward, and he tried to get me to invest in Disney. I declined as I was suspicious, and thought no more abot it until this week when I have just been contacted by another company also based in Japan using the same “motis operandi”. I therefore ran a search on Milton Hayward to see if there were any reports of scams, and hey presto, what a surprise, I find it was indeed a scam. I feel sorry for anyone who fell victim to them, and maybe I can help you catch up with the perpetrators, or if not, another bunch of scammers using the same idea. This time the company name given to me was Anderson Munro, and the lady who has been calling me is called Olivia Reisler, or so she says!! The message she sent me has a remarkably similar format to the one I recieve from Milton Hayward, and the story is the same, only this time they want me to invest in a company called BYD, a large chinese company. I have all her details and phone number etc if anyone wants to knock on her door in Japan and catch her and her kronies before they make off with more innocent peoples hard earned cash.

  6. Thanks Steve, I’ll look into Anderson Munro and Oliva Reisler and see what I come up with. My guess is that once someone catches on to the name they change it. Thanks for the tip though I look for to hearing from you. I also want to thank you for commenting as well.

  7. i have also (and still am) in contact with Anderson Munro and Oliva Reisler. A few points I must show you:

    They are based on the 42nd floor of the Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower – which only has 39 floors.
    The website looks crap and unprofessional. registered to
    Andrew Foster
    95 Graveney Rd
    Finsbury Park,
    SW17 0EJ
    United Kingdom

    strange for a top trading broker

  8. That’s funny how do you get 42 floors on a 39 story building? That tells you how far these scammers are willing to go just to make their story seem legit. I hope you haven’t fallen for their scam as well, Thanks for commenting and updating us on the situation. If you have anymore info please inform us some of the readers here have been taken on this scam and a looking for more information.

    Their Korean office is on the 14th Floor of the Star Tower in Seoul – KPMG has offices on the 10th floor, what is the betting they have never heard of them??

    All press releases and any mention of Anderson Munro seem to originate withing the last few months
    through a Google search – strange for a company of over 14 years old.

    Oliva Reisler is ringing me back Monday to make @a deal’ (hahaha) so any questions you want me to ask, please post. I was stalling her saying that my father who works in a position on authority was checking out her deal – where she seemed offended but not put off. If I can set it up I may also record the conversation and post too.

    BTW I have informed the OFT and Trading Standards, again, any info I will post.
    Andrew Foster has another 122 domains listed which you have to pay to get the list, if anyone can get this I would love to see this 😉

  10. one final note check these two out:
    Nigel Meuller CEO & Chairman
    The main founder of the company back in 1991 and was bestowed the chairmanship as well as being chief executive officer. His stock broking career began in 1967 earning membership of the Stock Exchange in 1970. Formerly the Chairman of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, prior to its merger with Deutsche Borse; he also chaired the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Benevolent Fund.
    CEO & Chairman James Bradshaw
    The main founder of the company back in 1991 and was bestowed the chairmanship as well as being chief executive officer. His stock broking career began in 1967 earning membership of the Stock Exchange in 1970. Formerly the Chairman of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

  11. Just Googled it and a bit of detective work
    Olivia phoned me and I asked her who James Bradshaw was, she didnt know!!! That is strange from the start (being the top cheese in her company). I then asked her about the company chairman and she told me the above – I said that this seemed strange since he has a profile exactly the same as the chairman of Macmillan Frasier – Nigel Meuller(and I wonder what he would think???). This prompted her on the defensive and she said that this must be a fake company (the cheek). She was getting her legal team on the case and phone me back in an hour – you can guess, still waiting…lol

    She MAY BE an innocent party in all this and hired to get leads or a great liar. But being on the 42nd floor of a 39 floor building I can guess which one…lol

    Be careful out there 😉

  12. I have had several dealings with macmillan frasier and still have not had any money from them,it looks like they are the same people as anderson munro and whoever is making their website is just lazy!
    If so they need to be stopped and if any one has any other names and addresses i will only be too glad to visit them.
    Keep the info. coming in and we will get to them very quickly and stop this happening.
    If any one has had dealings with macmillan frasier please let me know.

  13. Thanks for the info Steve the more information we can put out there the more people we can save from getting ripped off. Make sure you check out next weeks post I going to be composing a list of name of scammers such as Anderson Munro, Milton Hayward, and Macmillan Frasier.

  14. I have not heard of Bradley Hill Holdings but I will look into it more. Thanks for the info Ro.

  15. My father was ‘targetted’ by this crowd. A lady called him from Anderson Munro and wanted to sell him some stock in BYD. Apaprently they had a large quantity of stock they had to dispose of at the special knock down price of 81HKD (when the market was trading at approx 75HKD). Luckily he asked me first and knowing it was probably a scam – I did some research and presto i found this site.
    Incidentally they now claim to be on the 39th floor of Mitsui tower, which presumably puts them somewhere in the airconditioning units.
    The lady phoned my dad up again yesterday and when he confronted her she got irritated and starting saying things like – you guys in the UK don’t understand how these things work.
    I think I understand all to well, I work in compliance in a large multinational bank and know exactly what’s going on 🙂
    I am just gathering some details and will then be reporting Anderson Munro to the FSA. Im also going to drop a line to the Financial Crimes unit at Scotland Yard. Mr Andrew Foster (if he exists) will be getting a knock on his door shortly.

  16. Incidentally – I did some research on BYD, it’s a genuine company and probably not a bad investment but as a Hong Kong stock it can be relatively easily traded on the open market through most major high street banks (ID 1211.HK) and stock brokers.

  17. UPDATE:
    My father has now been phoned by Westernfield Holdings who clain to be trading in Carbon trusts. Again based in Japan (supposedly) they are also a scam see postings from June 4th . Not sure if they are connected with Anderson Munro but seems odd that 2 days after they failed with that another company are trying a similar trick.

  18. Andy (or any one that could help)
    I think I have just been scamed by “Anderson Munro” I have been trying to contact them for a week to try to sell my shares and have had no reply. His name was Thomas Nielsen and said he was Dutch.
    Unfortunatley this was my first dabble in the market and I now have no idea what to do. Im not that computer literate so finding a “paper trail” back is near on impossible for me to do, but if you do get any info, or, if you speak with the authorities I would be very willing to share. the best way of contacting me is my E mail.

  19. Dick, I sent details to the FSA and it’s now up to them if they include it on their list of known ‘bad’ foreign trading companies, they’re not always the fastest responding organisation in the world. I’ve not manage to find a suitable place to report this to any of the police agencies though as we’ve not personally had a crime committed against us.

    If you’ve actually lost funds then I suggest you go directly to the police and report it as a crime. If you pass on the details from this web page that’s really a pretty good starting point for them. I’m sure all the names that have been given to yourself and others are fictitional so I’m affraid you’re going to need the help and resources of one of the law enforcement agencies to track anyone down. If you have any specific questions though please do come back and I’ll do whatever I can to help. Good luck and please keep us posted.

  20. I have recently been talking to Victoria Mayer, George Cole and Max Clark of Anderson Munro and I will be making them aware of the points that have been made here. In an effort to help anyone who Googles Anderson Munro I have established a couple of Internet locations dedicated to them and will refer anyone who contacts me to this information aswell. I have provided my email address and would like to assist where I can. I have also invested with Anderson Munro ( in BYD ) so have a personal interest. I will keep you informed of any progress that I make.

  21. They ( Pearlgate International Ltd. ) have a “legitimate” bank account with the Hang Seng Bank at 83 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong. Hang Seng is a part of H.S.B.C. Presumably someone opened this and someone takes money out of it ?? Are there any other bank details and trading names ?

  22. I am just doing some random research and thinking at the moment.

    When ” Andrew Foster ” sets up his websites he ( or someone else who is related to the scam ) ” surrounds ” the website with PR information ( using free PR sites like prlog, prfire, free-press-release etc etc ) which is then boosted with those postings being posted on sites like Digg.

    Anderson Munro posts die out in early November but Westernfield Holdings are still being posted as recently as the 25th November. So, up to a few days ago someone was still posting information ( in this case about an investment in a wind turbine drivetrain testing facility ) in anticipation of the fact that they would be calling potential investors who would then be Googling Westernfield Holdings and wind turbine drive trains.

    So, the tracks are pretty fresh here then !!!!

    How do you prevent people from falling for these scams. Well, not everyone will Google for information but lots of people will. So, one way would be to get warning information to the top of Google for anyone that searches. How would you do that ?? Well you can take a leaf out of thier book and promote this blogsite and other warning sites using the same keywords that they are, say, Westernfield Holdings and wind turbines.

    They are always going to be ahead of us ( although I can see some common denominators appearing that could well put us in the same time and same place as them ! ) but they obviously think that they need to back up phone calls to a database that they have acquired with a website and supporting PR.

    The important thing is to identify the company and the theme ” eg wind turbines ” and then promote the warning as hard as possible.

    Christopher, you are already doing a great job but perhaps you can help out with tags and keywords and any other SEO type stuff relating to this latest information ??

  23. I would also urge people to stay away from macmillan frasier because they are without a doubt the same people as anderson munro .
    I am in the process of tracing key people in macmillan frasier and we should be knocking on their door sometime soon!
    When i have more details i will post names and numbers online

  24. re: chris windley

    One thing worth trying is an adwords campaign on keywords Anderson Munro, Macmillan Frasier, Westernfield Holdings would be cheap since there is no one advertising under those names 😉 – what is Google’s stance on this?

    I have a spare url – where I can add something on the front page to warn others but can’t risk landing foul with Google – any ideas

  25. I suggest emailing the PR sites to make them aware they are being used to support financial crime.

    I have contacted PRfire, prlog, free-press-press and pressreleasepoint. If anyone spots these ‘PR releases anywhere else I suggest they email the site to let them know. No genuinel PR site is going to want to be actively supporting criminals. If the PR sites don’t remove the items then we contact Google to let them know and possibly get the PR sites themselves de-ranked.

    The difficulty now is going to be spotting the next incarnation of the company.

  26. I also have major problems over an investment made with Macmillan Frasier and am also sure that they are villains, I also invested with Anderson Monro but the Hang Seng Bank would not accept my funds that were due to Pearlgate Int Ltd, I did get those funds back less a considerable amount due to currency changes. Macmillan Frasier were still contacting me until 18th November and thats when things got a bit out of hand and I was advised that their lawyers would be in touch. I have several names of individuals at Macmillan and several at Anderson Monro if thats any help.

  27. I am pleased to say that thanks to the support of some of my social networking friends I got straight into page 1 for a couple of searches around this area within 24 hours

    I did not really use my ( extensive ) Internet networks or any of my very highly connected friends so I am pretty confident that I can do better than this with a bit of practise !!

    Regards, Chris.

  28. If any of you spot these false PR stories please can you use the PR sites reporting facilities to ask for them to be removed. I have reminded some sites this morning (after initially letting them know yesterday). I have also pointed out that failure to remove them will mean that we have no option other than to contact Google to ask that their own sites are deranked or removed – hopefully that will get the message across.

  29. Why could i not have found this site 3 months ago?

    Sorry to say that i have also fallen for the anderson munro scam,with my wedding just round the corner this is a real blow.

    If any one can help please do so. Im UK based.

  30. We have been contacted by Kevin Stephenson from Castlepoint Investments wanting to sell shares in Ethical Environmental and Sustainable Global Projects – got to be a ‘boiler room’.
    I have replied to emails sent to me direct from the email – should I resend them using this method?

  31. Sorry to hear about your situation John. The best we can do is get the info out and let others know about this scam. It also seems as if these scammers have been targeting people in the UK so tell everyone you know about this scam so they don’t fall for it as well. Also read through the comments a few readers are working at cracking down on these boiler room scams, they may be able to help you out. Let how things go.

  32. Rosemary, Castlepoint Investments don’t appear to fall into the same category as Anderson Munro etc because they don’t even seem to have a website that comes up on Google, never mind all the PR that goes with it. Just don’t send any money !!!!

    Interestingly I have just been talking to a real broker !!

    How do I know he is real ?? Well we had a discussion ( you can imagine what I was saying to him !! ) and he said that he would prove that he was legitimate. How ??

    He told me to check with Finra Brokercheck

    He, Hasan ( Harry ) Bacovic, from Laidlaw Limited is in, New York.

    So, by typing in his name to the brokercheck it brought up his details, his firm and some of his history.

    He said that fsa concentrated more on the firm than the broker but I could not find an easy check for the firm yet.

    As we know the known list of unregulated firms is here

    Castlepoint are not on there but then neither are Anderson Munro !!!

    Thanks Harry for the information !!!!

  33. Has anyone actually reported this to the Police yet. I’ve passed on some details through a contact I have but since no actual crime was commited against myself or my family it’s difficult to get any feedback or report it officially, those of you that have actually lost money (potentially) should report it asap the sooner the authorities are officially involved the more chance you have of recovering any funds.

  34. Good point Chris, if your not sure just check FINRA. I’ve checked them several times to see if brokers were in fact legit. Just follow Chris’s links above to search for more info. Thanks for all the info Chris.

  35. Try to relax people. These cretins arn’t as smart as they think they are. Time will tell.

  36. We need to do some work to get higher on Google for a straight ” Anderson Munro ” search.

    I have a few plans but it would help if people promoted ( posted ) this blog and my M&A Rainmaker blog wherever possible on the Internet ( eg in blogs, on social network pages etc etc ) using the title and keywords ” Anderson Munro ” and any of the investment themes that they are using on thier Press Releases that are appearing on Google.

    Thier game is to keep the first page or so of Google free of any adverse information by posting lots of Press Releases.

    They are obviously still monitoring thier emails as I had a call from a Mr James Morgan of Anderson Munro on Monday in response to my earlier email.

  37. One good thing is that as you type in Anderson Munr… to Google it comes up with the option Anderson Munro scam – I guess the more people that look at this search the better aswell….

  38. Andy – this is to confirm that I have reported the matter to Staffordshire Police, have an incident number and will be giving an interview shortly and passing on the relevant information. HSBC are also pursuing the matter via the Hang Seng Bank in Hong Kong. If the Pearlgate International Account is still in use, hopefully not for much longer.

  39. “We need to do some work to get higher on Google for a straight ” Anderson Munro ” search ”

    I have now stated work on – where I am dedicating a full page for each scam company.

    What I intend is a fact file for each company in an easy layed out format so we need to collate facts we know on each one.

    Based on my work in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) I am fairly confident in getting on the first page of Google for each desired name.

    I am adding a form so info can be mailed directly. Collecting links directly to the press releases would be a good start.

  40. time is running very short for them now, one of the scammers is now “cooperating” with the
    investigation team.
    Will keep you informed

  41. Macmillan Frasier, Anderson Munro , Milton Hayward and Westernfield holdings are all the same people.
    Boiler room scammers,
    John Chadwick and John Cannon are the same person from Milton and Macmillan
    They are coming to an end soon!

  42. Hi everyone,

    I am very sorry to hear of the problems outlined above and wanted to offer some advice on how to best protect yourself against such schemes. I work within the industry as an Investment Manager at a London based firm, investing principally for high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals.

    The best means to avoid the scammers is to cross-check anyone who is calling you against the FSA Register; this is a public record of financial services firms, individuals and other bodies which fall under the jurisdiction of the FSA:

    The search can be run by company name and by surname, (try running a search against my company, “Henderson Rowe”, and surname, “de Rivaz”, as an example.). Ensure that both the firm and the individual you are corresponding with has the correct authorisations, and don’t be afraid to challenge them on this (if they get defensive you know where you stand!)

    The following article offers some good guidance regarding best use of the register:

  43. I was involved in the Milton Hayward boiler room scam earlier this year and wondered if you have any information that might help or enlighten us. What do you mean when you said ‘they are coming to an end soon’? Really hope this means people know who they are!!!


  44. I also want to say a BIG thank you to Chris for posting my story on here. We have had it very tough and found it all hard to accept and understand, but it is thanks to people like Chris (and all others) that have posted information and personal encounters that have all helped us deal with what happened. We now just want to help others in the same situation and stop (or even reduce) the scammers scamming others!!

    So THANKS CHRIS!!! x

  45. Hi BryGee,

    Would you just need ‘our Story’ for the site? i want to help as much as i can but not very familiar with shares etc. i can however give explanations of what happened to us and alos would be happy to put my email address as a point of contact. The more people we find that were involved with the milton hayward scam or had any contact with John Cannon etc the stronger we will be to fight back.

    Let me know, my email address is [email protected]

  46. I invested in BYD shares back in Oct 2009 with Anderson Munro and fear I am a victim of a boiler room scam too. Anderson Munro were so plausible and convincing. I haven’t heard from them since Feb 16th saying the deal had gone through. Despite numerous phone calls, faxes, e-mails etc. They seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. My story is very similar to that of Laura except in our case the shares were BYD and the names were George Cole, Andrew Reed, Peter Davies and Simon Peterson. What can be done?

  47. I wish something could be done but this company is nothing for than an illusion. It seems that names change and locations change and it seems as if these people enter the witness protection program, never to be seen or heard from again. However their is one thing that can help and that is reporting your information. Letting people know about the scam you were invlolved in will help keep others from getting ripped off. If you have any other info to share about this company feel free to leave a comment and help keep everyone informed.

  48. Looks like I am a victim too. Caroline Maurice, John Chadwick, Peter Ward and Andrew Tait are names I have dealt with. Initially in BYD shares (allegedly) which did well and gained my confidence but was persuded to switch to the CGY Mining IPO which has now seemingly stalled. The reports found on Google about Chadwick being appointed and M F being assigned as the CGY reps also helped the confidence.

  49. Scammers are pretty sophisticated and convincing SOB’s. The stocks and shares market has been rife with it for years, just look at the ongoing pump and dumps. The key is to make your own investments, based on your own research. If you don’t understand it, you’re not close to it, don’t do it!!

  50. Dear Chris and fellow Victims,
    I got caught by Macmillan Frasier, BYD shares and then CGYN shares – sound familiar(?) and along with everyone else have felt a little powerless to make anything happen. My experience is that you MUST report it to Operation Archway which is the boiler room scam section of the London Met Police. If they get enough reports and especially proof of links to other fraudulent companies, they will refer it to the Serious Fraud Office for their specialist assistance – specifically international fraud. This will help us all to get some justice here.
    So please contact myself if you have any queries or just want to hear a sympathetic voice, I am trying to compile a list of investors in order to ascertain whether we have a case to put before the SFO ourselves.
    Andy Pedrick, above, is on my list already!

  51. Hi guys, very sorry to read about this. There is a private firm that tracks these conmen down in Asia as the bad guys mostly wire the funds out of Hong Kong and Singapore to a Caribbean island. They did nail the Milton Hayward guy in the UK as he travelled often. He was hiding out with the rest of the gang in Bangkok. You would be very interested in how these guys operate and the Thais cannot seem to get a grip on them. For some reason a majority are British or Canadian. If you dealt with any of the guys that were mentioned or any offshore investment companies in Japan, Thailand or Singapore it would be best to contact Michael Gage. This guy has a knack for tracking down fraudsters and pinning them down with the cops. Very hands on bloke that gets his hands dirty for the victims. He is based in Japan but is known from Sydney to Tokyo to Bangkok. I hear he works with the UK FSA and FBI at times. Perhaps contact him and he will weigh up your options. Most of these crooks have money stashed somewhere offshore and this idiot Paul Slack has a bunch. He will be right back in Asia after he is released (he has a Thai kid). My guess is Michael Gage will be hanging him off a roof at some point and throwing him right back in jail. If you dealt with Hanover York or any other dodgy financial adviser in Japan it is worth a go. He has helped me a few times and totally trust him…so will leave his company email above.

    Cheers and goodluck.


  52. Note of caution !!

    Be very careful people.

    DC Winnard is not aware of Michael Gage ( and he jailed Slack ).

    I hope that Michael Gage is on the level – but maybe not 😉

  53. They are the private sector Chris and Slack was scamming with a few other guys (not British) in Thailand and Japan. The victims and Winnard were in the UK where the clients were conned and sent money from. Michael Gage, an associate of mine builds crazy difficult cases (at least to me he does) with evidence and in the scam’s jurisdiction with attorneys and cops. Guess it is all coincidental. Once bitten twice shy I guess for some…at least someone has stepped up for the duped Japanese. Keep in mind someone had to pay the bill for that two year investigation…perhaps the UK tax payers. Cheers, Dave 🙂

  54. PS- I did not realise the comments were backlogged for a few years and read through them. Wow. Looks like the crooks you are after is the gang from Japan and Thailand. I also did see a single rant blog written (1 guy only) about M. Gage and he tells me this was a potential client who refused to go through procedure and the bloke tried to blackmail him. Said he needs a court order (CA judge) fighting the 1st US amendment in California to have it removed as Google is in CA… Blog bloke is a cry baby who rants f*** all.

  55. Hi,
    I have heard of G&M as Dave has in Tokyo and they wail on gaijin crooks in Japan/Asia. Met Mr. Mike Gage the MP socially a few times and he was a nice guy but not the kind of guy you want after you or his team. Guy seems underground, lethal, highly intelligent and he stays in the shadows and pulls favor cards within his network. He is fluent in Japanese and speaks a bit of Mandarin and has a perfect track record in Japan but he has only been private for a year or two. Dave sent me this link and with him now for a coffee. Small world. The Slack guy was a scum bag I met a few years ago. Dumb as a rock so not sure how he did this but had help with the crew and names on this thread.


  56. I was approached by someone calling himself Dr. James Bentley from Macmillan Frasier. He tried to convince me to buy shares in a company called Kinross on the NY stock exchange. He was very convincing and I almost fell for it. I even agreed to buy some shares, luckily I didn’t send any money. One of the reasons that I became suspicious was when I tried to telephone him in ‘Taiwan’ a chinese sounding lady answered the phone and spoke very bad English and was not at all professional. When he phoned back he appologised and said ‘he was on the toilet’ when I phoned. This made me very suspicious. Therefore I emailed him asking him to prove that this was a legitimate company that I was dealing with. He rang me and was quite agitated. He said he couldn’t make ‘head nor tail’ of what i was asking. I told him that I was pulling out of the deal at which point he became angry. He threatened me with legal action if I didn’t send the money. I told him that under no circumstances would he be getting a penny from me. That’s the last I heard. Keep well clear.

  57. How many of these crooks are still in Thailand ? I see Slack was convicted but can’t find any reference to ‘Chris’. are there any more arrests coming. Read Rainmakers article really puts it together. But it seems as if the Thailand side is missing from the convictions. Are all these groups connected? Is it safe to invest anywhere whilst they are still free and operating in Thailand?

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