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Math is a difficult subject for most people to learn.

I’m sure most of you have fantasized, “If only there was a professional math tutor to guide you when you’re stuck on a math problem!” It sounds impossible to have a tutor right next to you when you need one, but CameraMath makes this seemingly absurd idea come true.

Let’s find out how it’s done!

The CameraMath App

CameraMath makes this idea available through the mobile phones we can’t live without these days. It’s a free math solver app for IOS and Android that allows you to ask hundreds of professional math teachers questions once you download and use it.

And the teachers in CameraMath are available 24/7, so whenever you have a problem, just ask the question in the app and you’ll get a  solution quickly.

This may sound like a “shortcut” for kids, but the app doesn’t just give you an answer and leave it at that, the teachers provide you with the correct answer and the steps or ideas to get it.

The step-by-step processes shown will definitely facilitate students to learn the corresponding mathematical knowledge easily.

Solve Math Problems with Your Smart Phone

Based on this core function, CameraMath also complements and improves the services it offers. You may have heard of features like taking pictures to solve problems, but CameraMath can do that.

When you need to solve some difficult math problems immediately, then its built-in photo search function can help you solve the problem.

All you need to do is take a picture of the problem you need to solve with your phone’s camera, and CameraMath’s AI will quickly calculate the result and show you the detailed steps to solve the problem or show you the image if it’s available.

What’s even more exciting is that this feature is not limited to scanning printed text, it can also scan handwriting perfectly, so don’t worry about your questions not being recognized, CameraMath can handle them all.

Solve Graphing Problems

CameraMath can also help you solve math graphing problems with one click, why this?

Because of the advanced scientific calculator placed in the application, you can easily solve graphical problems such as triangles, circles, squares, rectangles, slopes, etc. as long as you enter the necessary values.

There are also calculators for Mean, Median, Mode, and Range, which are the most common in statistics problems.

And complex, well-designed equation problems you can also use the app’s regular calculator to input to solve them. With these features, I believe you can solve all your math problems!

App Presentation

The presentation of the answers by CameraMath is also worth mentioning. In addition to the numerical values and the corresponding calculation process, the calculated results will also include images, etc. if they can be presented graphically.

The results are presented in more than one way, and if they can be presented in different formats, it will show them, such as fractions and decimals.

And CameraMath also does a very redundant step, it will search the web for the questions you upload and show you the results, why does it look redundant?

Because often the topics it shows may not be relevant to yours, but it is useful, it can collect topics that are similar or have the same knowledge as the ones you uploaded, and you can study them, so you don’t just understand the one topic, but all the topics of the type.

Want to revisit a question you’ve asked? No problem! CameraMath has a History feature that allows you to find a topic that you have scanned, asked your tutor, or used a calculator to solve at any time!

With this feature, you can clearly identify which area of knowledge you are lacking and work towards learning it well.

Final Thoughts

Of course, the Cameramath team doesn’t stop there, the team is also working hard on the algorithm to make the application AI cover more mathematical areas so that it can solve more mathematical problems, and make the process of presentation easier to understand and more diverse.

The CameraMath team has also established many feedback channels, not only in the app, but also on other social media platforms, and CameraMath has set up a dedicated Discord group to bring users together.

It brings users together so that they can learn math and discuss math problems together, and in the group, they also share learning materials and share important notifications, etc.

After reading all these introductions, are you impressed? If so, download it now and experience it!

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