How To Win The Law Firm Recruitment Game

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Talent is scarce in the legal landscape, and law firms struggle to get the best resources on board.

You have to beat the competitors and give in to the demands of the best candidates to secure a fair share of talent. You may end up toppling your budgets or settling for the second-best, and both do not go well with the growth goals.

But you can resolve these challenges by creating a recruitment and retention strategy for your firm. Here are a few actionable tips to win the law firm recruitment game.

Give candidates a reason to join

When firms advertise open positions, they often tell why they need candidates but skip telling why they should come. Showcase your employer brand with the reasons to join.

The best candidates look beyond the compensation package when they compare job offers and employers.

They seek a positive work culture, so you can use it as a differentiator to make a strong case for your firm. Use the right words to describe the benefits of joining your firm and taking the specific opportunity.

Offer competitive pay and perks

As already mentioned, potential employees want more than a fat paycheck to join your team. Talented ones will probably get it everywhere, regardless of the firm and opportunity they pick in the legal landscape.

Remember not to throw random offers because candidates are smart enough to skip ones that look too good to be true. Do thorough research to offer the most competitive pay and perks to attract potential employees.

Focus on wellness and financial security as add-ons as they are more significant than ever in the new normal.

Collaborate with a seasoned recruitment partner

The last thing you should do is rely on an in-house recruitment team because they will probably never get you the best talent. Since attorney placement is challenging, you need seasoned recruitment partners with the right connections.

You can secure the best talent pool through specialist law firm recruiters, so there are chances of filling the positions sooner and with the best options. Moreover, your in-house team need not bear the hiring burden and can focus on the day-to-day functions.

Be specific about your work policies

Since the pandemic times, flexibility is one of the key factors for job decisions for candidates. You are more likely to get the best employees if you offer a flexible work policy that allows people to work remotely.

It is a sign of a positive work culture that people prioritize while joining organizations in current times. Be specific about the “how” and “when” of remote work to ensure trust and transparency from the start.

Have a proactive retention plan

Winning the recruitment game is only a start for law firms because you need to think beyond onboarding great talent. The real work is to make them stick, and it is possible only with a proactive retention plan for your firm.

Give employees a valid reason to stay and contribute. A good retention strategy includes compensation increases, title changes, training opportunities, appreciation, and other benefits.

Winning the recruitment game takes some effort for law firms because the market is fiercely competitive. You can rely on these simple measures to seal the deal with the best resources.

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