5 Powerful Methods To Make Customers Feel Safe

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When customers first encounter your brand, they experience a host of emotions. But they all boil down to two very basic questions:

  • Is this business offering what I want?
  • Do I feel safe?

In this post, we focus on the latter question. Customers need to feel safe when they interact with your firm. If they don’t, they will go elsewhere.

Here are several methods you can use to make customers feel safer (and increase their lifetime value).

1. Offer Trial Periods

People don’t necessarily want to part with their hard-earned money upfront. Instead, they’d much rather go on a trial period where they can really test your products or services to see whether they are what they want.

Trial periods can be extremely effective for gaining new customers. While you may need to invest considerable money in the project, you stand to gain tremendously by getting new clients to sign up.

The more people can test your services and see how good they are, the more likely you are to succeed.

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2. Offer Customer Service

Don’t just make customer service reactive. Instead, offer to help your customers directly and show them that you are there to support them, no matter what happens.

If you can, offer them 24-hour service – at least via online chat – so that they can get in touch with you about their problems whenever they want.

Maintain Social DistancingWhile the pandemic is generally receding, hopefully never to return, customers can still feel unsafe. It’s a good idea to maintain social distancing protocols and remind customers that you’re doing everything you reasonably can to mitigate disease transmission.

Things like putting down concrete tape are a great way to keep people separated outside. For instance, you might want to maintain lanes, showing people where they should walk as they enter and leave your premises.

3. Assure Data Safety

Data safety and integrity are currently significant issues for customers. They want to know that you’re protecting their sensitive information and that you’re not passing it onto third parties who could misuse it.

Assuring data safety takes multiple forms. One method is to outsource your security to a third party. Getting a professionally managed service provider to take care of customer data for you can dramatically improve safety.

You can also dedicate a team to monitoring customer accounts, making sure that no unauthorized users access them.

4. Avoid Overcharging

In general, overcharging is a bad idea – unless you’re offering customers additional value. You can get away with it a couple of times, but it will ultimately reduce the lifetime value of the customer.

As soon as they realize that they can get a better deal elsewhere, not only will they switch, but they’ll also view your company in a negative light. They might accuse you of trying to swindle them out of money or being a “rip off.”

5. Get Reviews

Lastly, you can help customers feel safer interacting with your brand by accumulating as many reviews as possible.

The more reviews you have, the more they will trust that you can deliver on your promises.

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