How Can a Commercial Lease Lawyer Help with Property Disputes

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Renting a property in the present time is not an easy affair and involves a lot of litigation.

Before trading in a property, you need a real estate lawyer who can guide both parties to navigate through the commercial lease agreement.

Commercial lease agreements are not very straightforward, and thus, many choose to hire a commercial lease lawyer to understand if the agreements stated are mutually beneficial.

Commercial Property Disputes

There could be disputes in the renting or leasing a commercial property which could affect business. This is where the commercial lease lawyers are hired to assist with the legal work.

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord of a property, it is harmful to your business if there are any property disputes. It may have serious business implications and may even threaten your livelihood. Whatever may cause the dispute, seeking legal advice is detrimental to save the dispute from getting worse.

Hiring a commercial lease lawyer helps you to get a better hand at resolving the matter quickly.

What Help Can A Commercial Lease Lawyer Provide?

Commercial lease solicitors come with experience and in-depth knowledge on how to solve property disputes. They work along with property professionals and commercial conveyancers to get a quick solution to the problem.

Hiring commercial lease lawyers helps to resolve the situation faster with minimal damage. They even accompany you to court as the last resort when all other doors are closed.

Here are some typical issues that a commercial lease lawyer can help resolve.

  • Disputes related to the property condition
  • Issues with rent payment and the arrears
  • Dealing with possession proceedings and lease termination
  • Rent reviews and lease renewals
  • Any breach of covenant
  • Failure by any party in completing a transaction
  • Breach in contract
  • Misrepresentation cases

The commercial property dispute could be revolving around sale or rent. There is, however, a lot of information to be processed. The job is thus best left to a lawyer who understands the nuances of the business and takes the burden off you.

Should You Hire A Commercial Lease Lawyer?

A commercial lease lawyer will be an advisor for the tenant and the landlord and negotiate the commercial lease agreements. They are an expert at drafting, redlining, analyzing and understanding the terms of an agreement. They understand the complexity of the lease agreements and thus can help guide better.

Commercial leases are quite different from residential leases. For example, the rent for space will not just be decided on the square foot area but also how it will be used. The landlord may decide the rent based on the business use and the size of the property.

The commercial lease also determines the one responsible for the maintenance and fee payments. The lease will mention the one who is liable to pay taxes, insurance, and utilities. Some may include the fees in a monthly rental, while others may ask it separately.

Commercial lease lawyers are experts and skilled in determining how the agreement should be worded. They ensure that the business owner pays a fair price and that there are no surprises  for either party when the deal is finalized. In order to save yourself the unwanted hassle and tedious work of handling legal procedures alone, hiring a professional lease lawyer can offer you great convenience in the entire dealing.

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