3 Crazy Tips on Fantasy Football and Finances

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Have you ever watched your friends play Fantasy Football, or heard them talk about it and wanted to play? Or do you already play and are looking for some advice?

Well first let’s start with what Fantasy Football is. So a warning for all first-time players it is all math at the core of this game.

Over the upcoming weeks, you will start by filling out rosters for the starters of your team. Each player will play a different position, to make up your whole team, just like a real football team.

So the following positions usually consist of the quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, a kicker, a defense, and one flex. The flex can be a running back, wide receiver, tight end, or quarterback.

Next, once you assign all the positions, you start watching games and accumulating points. The points come from the statistics collected by your players in the games, for example, yards, touchdowns, or field goals.

All the points are totaled up in your weekly total, and if your total is higher than your opponent then you win. Your opponent, by the way, is another person in your fantasy football league.

Every week will start like this until your league reaches the end. Then, there are the play-offs. The member of the league who wins during the playoffs has then named the champion.


1. Picking your players

Let’s get ready for week one. Before the games begin do your research on each player. We know the teams that have done well, for example, there is the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Both of these teams played in the super bowl this year. How did they get there? Well, besides teamwork and running great plays, they have good players on their teams.

That is where the research comes in. Watching the NFL draft is one of the many ways to figure which players you might want on your team. Also, watching past games gets you a feel for the big professional players.

One of those players you should know is a popular quarterback. An example is Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes. These quarterbacks specifically may be hard to get, so make sure you have others lined up as choices.

Now if you are not familiar with football in particular, then an example of a good player in a different sport might help you gain some perspective on how to pick.  You can check out different Sportsbook betting options like this.

Say you were picking from baseball players, you could pick Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels. Why pick him? We want him based on stats or how well he has been doing.

Imagine you are a manager, picking out employees. You want the players with the best career ratings on your team. The better player the more chances of winning.


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2. Trading off

Are you not benefiting from your current team? Is a player not contributing as much as you thought they would? Well, you can do what the professionals do and trade them.

You can trade with anyone willing to, in your league. Furthermore, you can exchange multiple players as well, so you can switch half your team if you want. This could help make the game more interesting.

Now do not forget, to trade you need to know the rules. For example, there are set deadlines for this and you will not be able to swap players after those dates.

So make sure to look up the timeline before you start to think about which players you want to go without. Moreover, make sure to check out the other league members’ teams so that you know who would benefit from your offer. This goes for you as well, think of what player you want as a replacement, and who has that player.

Keep in mind that not every team plays all the time. Each team in the NFL has a bye week. This means that they alternate the teams so that the ones not playing can recover.

So knowing the “bye week” helps because you will know when you need to add players, to replace the player who is not playing on certain weeks.  Setting up your team each week, knowing your players, figuring out when to trade, knowing who is who, and who to trade with.

This is all part of the game, learning and gaining experience makes it more fun.


3. Financial Upkeep

So if you are thinking of investing time and money in extracurricular activities, you need to make sure you can afford it. So before you invest too much let’s make sure there is no downfall. So there are a few things to consider first.

For example, a timeshare, are they worth it? Well if you are investing in that, make sure you would want to plan a trip there every year. Investments, in general, do not help someone unless you are benefitting from them all the time.

How do you make sure your contributions are not being put to waste? Well, always make sure you are experiencing the full benefit. You want to make sure you are stumbling into something worth it.

For example, if you want to get more out of your fantasy football team, start looking into other areas. There are a lot more sports out there to invest in. Basketball, Baseball, or even boxing. All of those sports have tons of aspects to stake your finances on.

Making goals is another way to keep your finances in check. Say you want to travel more. Well, you will need to have a certain amount of money in a certain time frame.

So should you save that money up or allocate it out so that it grows faster? That all depends on how good you are with your money and your research.

Overall always try to remain positive. When something you planned on does not work out, it does not hurt to try something new or find out why.

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