What To Look For In A Robust Consultancy Service

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There are many law firms consulting services out there, but finding the right one for you can be a struggle.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many small businesses in the United States to struggle; however, some consulting experts in the trade are providing their services for free during this trying time. There is a real dependency on quality guidance now more than ever.

What should you look for to find a robust law firm consulting service that fits your needs?


Specialized Service

The best law firm consulting firms offer a dynamic and specialized service.

Try to avoid those offering vague mission statements or claiming expertise in all industries.  Look for specifics about what they offer and how they help their clients.  Offering short-term engagements is not necessarily a bad thing. Consulting is a multidimensional service and the length of commitment can at times vary greatly based on the client’s needs. Your custom needs, as the client, are paramount.

For example, there are firms out there who specialize in helping with law firm consulting (https://legalbackoffice.co/law-firm-business-consulting/) services.

Legal Back Office has a team of specialized consultants that are extremely custom and thorough in their offerings and approach, from assessing business KPIs, setting strategy, or even providing operational advice that is tailored to your specific situation.

They also help with strategic marketing plans, brand design schemes, and intricate web design services. In the end, the best law firm management consultants are multifaceted, providing a wealth of services that law firms can gain value from for years.



Ultimately, what you should be seeking is a consultant that is dedicated to bringing effective solutions to your firm’s problems.  A partner that is there when you need them in the short-term and over the long-term.  Someone you can establish a long-lasting business relationship with rather than a one-and-done exchange.

Working in consulting can be something of an uphill struggle.  The consultant can work tirelessly toward a solution for a client’s problem, only to have more problems brought to the right as the finish line approaches. Still, the consulting firm is never deterred, and they never back down from a challenge.


Strong Use of Facts and Statistics

Great consultants succeed because they have done their homework and know their facts.  This makes the solutions they offer clients more effective.

NBC published a feature on a business consultant who gave tips on unconventionally finding the perfect job, providing a comprehensive breakdown of all the things people should be doing to succeed.

Notably, much of what she said was backed up by facts and statistics, demonstrating that a lot of consulting work happens outside of the client-side of things. She knew how long people spent searching for employment, the rates of different demographics in work, and how present-day practices compared to the past.

You can give advice based on statistics, experience, and/or by telling a great story. Using all three tactics is a dynamic approach. The best consultants are not just clever, they are prepared and know how to communicate their advice in a way that is rooted in facts, relevant experience, and a way that leads you to make the best possible business decisions for your law firm.

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