5 Types of Crimes in Massachusetts and How to Safeguard From Them

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Massachusetts is the most populous state of the Northern United States Region in the New England area.

With a higher population, there mostly is an increase in the overall crime rate. About 55% of the citizens worry about crimes on a daily basis and it is quite natural to think so when you see new faces at the same public place every day.

It is obviously harder to trust people in such situations. It is thus necessary to simply prevent such crimes from happening to you and to have safeguards set up for yourself.


1. Murder

In 2019 Massachusets the murder rate was much higher than the previous year even though the over rate of violent crimes went down by a decent figure.

Around 70 murders were reported in 2019, a cumulative of all the cities in the state.

The figure is not as high as one would expect for such a populous state in the USA but the government still puts out public awareness drives to help people to avoid such crimes.

People are usually suggested to stay away from the negative elements of society and are told to not visit neighborhoods that are marked with a high rate of crime.


2. Burglary

Common burglaries are a nuisance to the public even though these might not be counted in the violent crimes slab of the state. The most populous city of Massachusetts and also its capital Boston reported almost 1700 cases of burglary in the year 2019.

To avoid burglaries citizens are requested to lock their property properly and to fix alarm systems.

Most burglaries are covered by insurance but if you are living on rent and your apartment witnesses some thefts then the burglary is not covered by your landlord’s or property manager’s insurance policy which is generally the case.

To avoid such fallout the public is asked to get other types of insurances that can cover them in such scenarios. There are some very helpful kinds of insurances which are mostly called renter’s insurance.

One should be well versed with the renters insurance Massachusetts so that one knows the correct steps to take in such a situation.

For mugging and other such crimes, the government can only ask the citizens to not carry too much cash on them or valuables, especially at night. One should avoid dark alleys and stay away from neighborhoods that are known to be a part of such crimes.


3. Motor Vehicle Theft

Motor Vehicle Theft is common all across the globe and it is on a significant rise all over too. The state of Massachusetts is also encountering a high rate of MV thefts.

In the year 2019, Springfield and Worcester recorded the highest rate of motor vehicle thefts with 493 and 369 cases each.

With such a rate of thefts, the governments of these cities implore people to be aware of such crimes.

Anti-theft systems are now becoming popular in the state as the crimes increase and the police are also gearing up with technology and know-how to track down the culprits.


4. Credit Card Theft

Credit card frauds are mostly bound to developed cities even though the outstation techs are mostly placed well away from the location the thefts and frauds happen.

It is a new and challenging aspect for the law and the government has to come up with new and ingenious ways to fight this digital crime.


5. Arms Trafficking

There has been much controversy regarding the gun laws of the United State and the crimes involved with them.

The administration is working round the clock to get a fix for the situation but the problem has spread to all the states like a virus.

Till the time the gun laws are not changed or till the time the administration does not find a way to control arms the trafficking situation will have to be dealt with at the ground level.

The people themselves will have to create awareness and will have to report any instances of smuggling and trafficking that they witness.

All in all the state of Massachusetts is dealing with crime in its own way and the situation is expected to be better in the future as the law and order are stepping its game up every moment.

The state is considered to be an overall safe place to live. The economy which is booming in the state thanks to its hi-tech industries is spreading more and more employment and thus the crime rate is slowly dipping.

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