Opening Your Bakery This Year? Here Are Some Tips

Photo by Davide Baraldi from Pexels

If you are an avid baker, starting a business based on your passion might have been something on your mind for a long while.

Opening up your own bakery in your local community can be a great opportunity. The town baker is always well-liked and you’ll be able to bake things for many events as well as everyday essentials for your local patrons.

If you are looking to open a bakery next year and need help to start, these are some of the things you need to do and consider.


Invest in great equipment

The heart of every food business is the equipment, and you need to invest in the best for your commercial bakery.

From air powered mixers to deep fat fryers, there are many top pieces of kit you need in your kitchen as a baker.

Take a look around online and see what deals you can get on professional equipment, and even ask around to see if other businesses are selling anything.


Take online courses

To be a great baker, it is important for you to know all of the basics. If you have up until now just been a home baker, it is time to up your skills with online courses and skills classes.

You can take classes on skillshare, watch videos on YouTube, and even take a class in your local area. You’ll soon know your mirepoix from your sofrito and you’ll be ready to take those next steps in a technique that’ll make you the talk of the town.


Market locally

Being a local bakery means that you should focus your marketing efforts more on the streets and through the post.

When marketing your new bakery you can offer free samples outside the building to entice people in, and send flyers in the post to everyone in the postcode to tell them about what you offer.

Collaborate with local farmers and beekeepers to offer the best quality local produce and honey to your customers.


Host an event

When launching your brand new bakery a great idea is to host a launch party and invite people from the neighborhood. By doing this you will be able to show people firsthand what you have to offer and gain a following before you open.

Another great idea is to hand out goody bags with a load of fresh bread and one of your sweet treats for your customers to take home.


Be creative with recipes

The best and most successful local bakers use creativity to their advantage every day when baking. Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavor as well as technique to put your own twist on a classic or even invent something new yourself.

People will come to try your specific creations so the more creative you can be, the more of a cult following you stand to gain.

Starting a bakery can be a big challenge and there are a lot of things to consider when doing so. However, as a baker, you’ll have a great time bringing your creations to life and doing what you love every day.

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