How To Legally Secure Your Home Against Intruders

Photo by Jimmy Chan from Pexels

The home you have spent time-saving for and buying is your biggest asset. It’s your castle, your space to be yourself no matter what.

The last thing that you want to happen is someone taking it upon themselves to come into your home and either take what they please or hurt your family. Or worse, both.

There are millions of crimes relating to the property every year, and you cannot be there to watch your home 24/7, it just doesn’t work around all of your other commitments.

The good news is that you can do a lot of things to protect your home and prevent anyone from getting inside, but you need to do what you can to make it as safe as possible.

So, with that in mind, we have a few suggestions for how you can legally secure your home against intruders.


Keep Doors & Windows Locked

It’s the simplest way to keep people out, but it’s an effective one. Locking doors and windows even when you are in the house is so important to prevent people from breaking into your home.

If intruders know that your home is going to be an easy pick, they will try it just to change what they’re doing. If you lock the doors and windows, it makes it much easier to prevent them from getting in.


Install Alarms

It’s not just burglar alarms, but smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are both things that you should be thinking about installing in your home.

Carbon monoxide poisoning affects over 400 people every year, and if you ensure that you have the right alarms installed, you’re going to avoid death from fires and leaks in the home.

Burglar alarms will be a deterrent for intruders, too, as it draws attention to your home.


Think About A Firearm

You may live in an area where concealed carrying is okay, but either way, you should think about finding a good FFL dealer that can give you a good price on a firearm, as well as a lockbox to keep it in.

Firearms are not a joke, but they can make you feel more protected in your home at night. It’s a smart idea to take classes in using a firearm safely, so make sure that you do this before you invest.


Add Alarm & CCTV Signs

If you mark your home as protected by cameras and alarms, intruders will think twice about coming near the house.

They don’t want to get caught trying to get into your house, so they’ll see these signs and move on if they are present.


Keep The Valuables Away From Windows

Fancy car? Keep it in the garage. Expensive bike? Tie it up correctly or store it in a locked shed or garage.

Your expensive things should not be on full display for others to see. In fact, you need to keep all valuables away from windows at the front of your home.

Don’t tempt anyone by keeping them in the line of sight of the street.

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