7 Popular Blog Niches That Drive Traffic And Make Money

A blog can be a convenient way to earn an income. If you’re preparing to start your own blog, you’re probably wondering about a topic to focus on. Choosing the right niche is essential and can make it easier to create engaging material for your audience.

There are loads of different niches out there. It’s even possible to create a poker or casino site to review popular casinos like emu casino.

Making money from an online venture sounds great, but knowing the right niche topic can bring that reality closer. In this article, expert Michelle Thomas shares 7 of the most popular blog niches that make money and drive traffic.


#1 Finances

Money makes the world go round, and it doesn’t grow on trees. Everybody wants it, and almost nobody has enough of it.  It’s not surprising that blogs about personal finance attract large audiences, and you can even choose a subtopic of finance as your niche.

Here are a few ideas for topics you can cover:

  • How to save money
  • Investing
  • Dealing with debt
  • Budgeting

#2 Fitness And Health

Fitness and health are one of the most popular blog topics, and it has a huge following. It’s also lucrative, meaning competition is stiff with hundreds of blogs on the topic. Being such a vast topic, you can use some different approaches when starting your own blog.

  • Dieting and nutrition
  • Exercise routines
  • Health tips for a specific type of audiences such as older people, younger people, males, or females
  • Tracking your progress and sharing it such as a journey to good health or weight loss


#3 Lifestyle

Lifestyle means writing about a range of topics, like diet plans and routines, that are all connected by the same audience group.

These shared interests and a lifestyle blog combines them all in one platform. For example, a blog focusing on motherhood, fashion, and food connects with women who are mothers and have an interest in fashion and cooking.

Lifestyle offers different blog ideas that make money.


#4 Fashion

Fashion blogging has taken off on Instagram, with quite a few influential bloggers covering the topic. The focus is often on the blogger and can include many photographs, but not always.

These blogs can talk about the latest and most recent trends or share news or advice on fashion.

Fashion blogging isn’t only for women, even though some might think so. Many men’s fashion or style blogs exist, focusing more on suggestions and advice than photographed images or the blogger.

Whatever fashion topic you choose, make sure to have clear branding to give your blog direction and focus.


 #5 Marketing And Business-Related Blogs

Plenty of blogs cover marketing and business-related topics, from entrepreneurship to specialized marketing areas like social media. Here are some unique topics in this field:

  • Marketing on B2B topics, which means businesses trading with each other
  • Marketing on B2C topics, representing businesses dealing with consumers
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Small businesses or sole proprietors
  • Specific marketing fields like copywriting, direct response, and networking

#6 Gaming And Technology

Gaming and technology are full of money-making ideas. Technology bloggers can earn money through affiliate marketing, using product reviews and links to websites like Amazon.  Another idea is to start a gambling blog focused on online casino games.

Other niche topics in gaming and technology are:

  • Specialized devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, or fitness tracking gear
  • Games for PCs, consoles, or mobile
  • Tutorials on specific applications or games
  • The latest news on products or the industry


#7 Travel

The final contender on this list has high readership numbers and is a favorite with bloggers. You can monetize a travel blog through affiliate links to holiday vouchers, hotels, and more.

Photos are a feature in many travel blogs as people want to see pictures of famous travel destinations.



We’ve looked at some of the blog niches that make money and can drive traffic to your website.

We hope you enjoyed the article and will use the knowledge and tips shared. Have fun deciding on a niche topic for your blog.

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