What Are Concentrates? A Beginner Vape User Must Know These Things

Vaping is considered one of the best alternatives to tobacco and many studies have shown that it is not more than 90% safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

If you want to have the finest vaping experience, you must choose the cheap e-liquid taste online for your vape tank.

Since many substances are used in vape pens and vaporizers, it is important to know the basics of such herbal materials. 

There are so many different substances to try such as wax, oil, concentrates, THC/THCa and extracts. With so many on offer to choose from it is important to understand the different high potency thca vapes (and the other strains available) before you start on your vaping journey. 

Vape juices and such substances can be bought from any reliable vape store but it is important to know what they are so, new users don’t get confused.

How Are They Made?

Concentrates are created when the active ingredients (such as THC and CBD) are extracted from dry herbs.

This usually happens using a solvent such as butane, or by a process of intense heat and pressure.

Wax Concentrates

Wax is produced by extraction. It is actually a little bit better than oil and if you are experienced you can use it. It’s a little stickier, but you can crumble it in a bowl and use it for your next session. Most waxes are a little dark and have an amber color.

You can then put it in a wax concentrate vaporizer. Wax pencils are a little more maintenance-intensive than oil vape pencils and of course, you will have more sticky residues and therefore need to be cleaned better.

Just be careful not to break the heating rods in your pen when cleaning.

Since many substances are used in vape pens and vaporizers, it is important to know the basics of such herbal materials. With this in mind, Purple Penthouse has a useful article here:https://www.purplepenthouse.com/top-11-cannabis-strains-for-your-wake-bake/, that outlines some of the best strains of cannabis that can replace your typical morning coffee and keep you feeling focused and creative for the rest of the day.

Oil Concentrate

Oils are the cheapest of all concentrate products, but they’re also the least pure. So, they’re not as strong as other materials. It should be noted that oils have a mild THC concentration and are good for a beginner.

So, if you’re just getting familiar with the matter, that’s a good idea here. Oil vape pens are fairly low maintenance in terms of usage and cleaning. So, you have little work.

Of course, you can also get a cartridge and then insert it, then you only have to clean it often.


Shatter is another concentrate, a kind of hardened resin with a smooth, glassy surface and it is considered one of the purest and strongest concentrates.

So, you can also use it and crumble it and then use it in vaping. It is something for experienced users, but definitely worth trying.

Benefits of Concentrates

You just have to start small and build it up slowly. Concentrates are always good and have high purity and effectiveness compared to dry herb. By using wax or oil stick users are always on the safe side and do not bring any unpleasant products into their lungs.

Dab or vape pens are also much more discreet and mostly not as noticeable as other vaporizers. These pens have a great advantage that they are much smaller and their chamber is still large enough so that you can hold your concentration. The pens are handy, easy to use, quick to store, and easy to see in public.

The smell is also minimal and it is not noticed at all. So, there is really no reason why you can’t just dive into the “concentrate” world and just get your own picture of it.

There are so many pens and concentrates and you will certainly find something in the vape stores that makes you happy and brings a different and new experience.

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