6 Things to Look for in an Accounting Firm to Setup Company


Do you own a small business that has just settled in Singapore and now you are looking for some big opportunities available for you?

Well, sooner or later, you will need the help of accounting services Singapore company that can render the right support for you. While professional accounting firms in Singapore can help you get registered with Singapore company listing, you need to hire the right accounting firm for your purpose.

A good accounting firm will help you with procedures to register and set up your company quickly and cost-efficiently, allowing you to focus on creating your business while the accounting firm tackles the administration and compliance matters.

Even if you are a foreigner, you can open a business in Singapore. The accounting firm helps a new company with business formation expertise and guidance. Some of the services offered by a good accounting form are:

  1. Company incorporation
  2. Limited liability partnership registration
  3. Sole proprietorship registration
  4. Setup of a company by a foreigner
  5. Accounting and tax management
  6. Handling of business licenses application etc.

A lot of companies that plan to settle down in Singapore want an in-house accountant or an accounting firm to handle their work. But what are some of the things which you should keep in mind when looking for an accounting firm:


Make sure the company offers full-fledged services

It is important to choose a company that offers all services related to account and business management right from accounting, bookkeeping to the management of taxes and registration of the company, and its financial dealings.

If the company offers all these services, then it can handle your business administration well.

If you need help getting your business off the ground you may want to read the taxfyle.com/small-business-taxes guide to helping you get your business up and going the right way.


Choose a reputed and reliable firm

It is a known fact that when you choose a reliable and reputed company, then it will automatically add to the financial prospects of your business. An experienced firm will leave no stone unturned to render the best accounting help to your business.

Hence, choosing a good firm will serve as the icing on your cake.


Know their efficiency

It is important to discuss their efficacy from their past client. It will help you know what kind of services they will yield and whether they are suitable for your company or not. You should check the overall experience of the firm and the number of years it has spent in this field.

The better their quality of service is, the more effective their work results are. With little market research, you will be able to find out the best accounting firm that can manage your business firm account.

3E Accounting is your one-stop solution to help you register new companies in Singapore. No matter what difficulty you are facing, it will help you with business formation and company incorporation without any problem.

It will help you handle the registration procedure quickly and in a cost-effective manner, thereby allowing you to focus on creating and expanding your business, while it handles the administration and compliance matters of the company.

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