6 Proven Techniques To Consolidate Your Brand’s Online Reputation


Right now, there is nothing more important than managing your brand’s online reputation.

This is because buyers are more aware than ever and they make it a point to verify your credibility on the internet before transacting with your business.

At the same time, it is important to understand that building and managing online reputation takes a great deal of hard work.

How can you expect a customer to trust you if only a website is what they can see? Will they find your brand credible enough without meeting a person or visiting a physical office?

These aspects indicate how complicated things can get and why you need to take a proactive approach with online reputation management.

Thinking out-of-the-box helps while you also need to create a strategy that brings fast, effective and sustainable results. Search Engine Optimization, if done properly, is capable of doing much more than getting your site on top of search rankings.

The idea is to leverage the right set of tactics that steer your business on the right path. Here are the ones you can utilize to consolidate your brand’s online reputation effectively.

#1 Create quality content resources

Perhaps, the most valuable measure for enhancing your reputation strategy is to create quality content resources. Forget about those short and sweet blog posts because they will simply not do anymore.

Rather, you need to cater to pieces that are informative and engaging so that you can show your intention to deliver value to the audience. Content length is important as well.

Prioritize long-form content with rich information, including step-by-step how-to guides that resolve specific pain points.

Adding charts, graphs and statistics in content is another good idea to make it more helpful for the audience. Such pieces are loved by Google as well because they provide a great user experience, which is the top trust factor for search engines.

#2 Get backlinks from authoritative sources

When it comes to SEO, you cannot ignore the importance of creating quality backlinks. Links from niche-relevant and high-authority websites not only elevate your site’s search rankings but boost your brand’s reputation as well.

Getting backlinks from high-authority websites that enjoy great traffic, excellent metrics, and are in your niche is an important function of reputation management. By associating your brand with meaningful names in the industry, you will be able to walk in the same positions as they do. This is a simple and easy way to elevate your name with the very best in your industry niche.

Obviously, these links come from sources that the audience trust for their word. If the link with you, this acts as a trust signal for the customers.

Being connected with such authority websites passes on the trust factor; this also translates into greater credibility for your business.

Surely, all the hard work that you invest in outreach and guest posting is worthwhile as it literally kills two birds with one stone (impressing both Google and your target audience)!

#3 Keep a constant track of your backlinks

Building quality backlinks is just half the work done when it comes to consolidating the trust factor. Since these backlinks greatly determine what your potential customers would think about your brand, you need to keep a constant eye on them. The effort it involves can be massive but still is worthwhile.

While you can try doing it manually, this can become challenging as your business grows and you acquire more backlinks.

Automating the process, thus, makes sense. SEO Jet founder Adam White explains that good backlink management software uses proven data from Google to ensure that every one of your backlinks is helping you.

Retain the good ones and disavow the bad ones if you want to keep up your reputation.

#4 Reclaim brand mentions and broken links

Apart from monitoring your existing backlinks, it is equally important to locate and reclaim the existing brand mentions and broken links.

This tactic will probably get you quality backlinks with just half the work. If you are already a known brand in your niche, you may already have mentions of your brand or products on influential sites that are outside your outreach efforts.

Obviously, they are a bonus you can capitalize on by just reaching out to the site owners and requesting them to add links to the mentions.

Most of them would do it happily. Similarly, it makes sense to have a periodic review and locate broken links that you may have lost over time.

Once again, you can contact the respective sites and reclaim the broken links. Both reclaimed brand mentions and broken links have a significant potential for adding to the online reputation of your brand.

#5 Collaborate with social media influencers

While getting quality links from niche authorities does give your brand a reputation boost, you cannot ignore the value of collaborating with social media influencers.

The reason is that social media is where the customers are and these influencers are the people who can drive their decisions. If they recommend your product and brand, you will definitely be able to grow your customers and win their trust.

The first step for adopting this measure would be to find the right influencer and the right social media platform.

For example, collaborating with an Instagram influencer would be ideal for a fashion brand. On the other hand, a LinkedIn influencer would be an apt choice if you are running a recruitment business.

#6 Focus on getting positive reviews

What do you think would be the most powerful asset to consolidate your brand’s reputation across the internet? Genuine, positive reviews, of course!

These tiny pieces of content shared by real customers can make all the difference to your credibility because people trust other people more than they trust brands.

If you can convince your customers to provide some positive reviews, they can be used to take your SEO strategy to the next level. This user-generated content piece can serve as an SEO amazing resource.

You can show it on your home page or propagate it on social media. While you can leverage positive reviews to your advantage, you also need to manage the negative ones.

Ignoring them is a bad idea; rather go ahead and convince the customer that you will go all the way to resolve the issues. This approach will help you win their hearts because it shows the intent to improve your offerings.

Your brand’s online reputation is valuable as it fortifies the trust of the existing and potential customers. Whether you offer products or services, trust keeps your business going.

For this reason, you need to go the extra mile to ensure that your reputation only gets better with time.

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