The Review Of 5 Best Privacy Tools: Pin It!

Internet activities are no longer safe and protected – the interconnectivity and constant tracking are what we experience now.

Fraudsters, market giants, and governmental forces can observe your online behavior and make precise conclusions on your persona and plans. Up-to-date search engines, websites, and apps amass and analyze your media, interactions to predict your desires.

In the worst cases, this state of things promotes online criminality. Data brokers and hackers can steal your identity, personal files, and assets. For these evident reasons, diving into the best privacy tools is a must for an Internet user in 2020.

Security-focused programs combined with each other will ensure your information is covered. Let’s expand your daily toolkit right now!


5 Best Privacy Tools From Experts

#1 Utopia

Utopia is a P2P encrypted network and arsenal of must-have apps. Also, it gives its users an easy option to raise token just for staying online.

The encryption method is proven and exceptional; it’s the most advanced tool we have nowadays. Thus, Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES encrypt the input of every form, money transfers, and local storage.

The toolkit is fully decentralized and anonymous, which means no sided intruders can reach internal data. No phone attachments, email, and name indication – Utopia assigns users with unique codes used across the platform. What does the toolkit combine?

  • uMessenger – chat room for texts and files exchange, protected group chats;
  • Idyll browser – local websites viewer with an option to construct webpages;
  • uWallet – multi-use crypto center for cards issuing, transactions and trades;
  • uMail – encrypted emailing tool protecting domestic interactions;
  • Mining bot – an instrument you are to activate to grow your income.

Finally, Utopia is a tested solution if your struggle for online security and anonymity. The ecosystem is free from advertisements, targeting, and tracking so that you can concentrate on your work. Set it up for free and benefit!


#2 Brave Browser

Brave is a proven and encrypted web searching tool. This browser protects browsing across the Internet and has security-aimed settings. Apart from a user’s protection, Brave ensures that it doesn’t have algorithms amassing information and target ads.

As a bonus, Brave still doesn’t limit businesses and companies from money-making and distributing useful offers. Thus, Brave users can figure out what type of ads are useful for them, and they don’t mind seeing. That is how advertising becomes individual and beneficial for both sides.

To spur the voting for this or that type of ads, Brave rewards the activities in local currencies. Importantly, this browser never handles personal files and metafiles – IPs, browsing history, cache.

Customize your browsing experience and stay away from espionage – Brave is a proven alternative for security!


#3 Disconnect

This security-focused instrument is designed to help users avoid unwanted tracking on the Internet. Based on your digital footprint, hackers can access your profiles, and companies manipulate your desires.

Disconnect block the monitoring mechanisms classifying them based on their source. Let’s clarify:

This feature allows you to manually adjust what scripts you need to stop.

Thus, you can deactivate social media scripts while not changing shopping websites if you are comfortable with data-sharing. Also, the tariffs are customizable, so you pay the fee for the services you need.

What is special, users are welcome to monitor how the team allocates the funds they raise. A significant part is aimed at charity and platform upgrading.


#4 uBlock Origin

Use this service to if online ads annoy you and collect too much sensitive information. uBlock intends to stop the unwanted data gathering even operated by Google technology so that this software is rather powerful.

Similarly to the listed above instruments, this program allows users to figure out what ads they are comfortable with manually. To be more specific, you can set aside what parts of webpages you want to view and what parts should be hidden.

This approach of granular blocking is functional and convenient.

Don’t hesitate to download this anti-add tool since it even prevents Google analytics from monitoring your data. Try and check the results!


#5 Wire

To feel safe online, you need a protected and encrypted messenger. Wire is a proven and tested chat room that is also available for computers.

Remember that if you practice Wire for personal purposes, you won’t be charged while corporate use is under fees.

Thanks to P2P encryption, the file transfers are protected and safe from data leakage.

The great advantage is that Wire also encrypts voice chatting, which makes this messenger more secure than phone calls. Wire limits the size of in-app transmitted files to 25 MBs. Also, your persona remains confidential since Wire never asks to attach a phone to use the messenger.


The Bottom Line

Each of the listed below tools makes a perfect blend for online privacy –use them in combination to reach the maximum effect.

We also recommend you to activate VPN tools whenever you surf on the web if security is A-level importance for you.

Expand your kit, and stay safe!

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