How To Claim Compensation After A Taxi Accident


Car accidents are traumatic for victims as they often lead to physical injuries and sometimes may even cause permanent disabilities. Fortunately, personal injury law comes to the rescue of victims and enables them to get compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of another person.

Although things are quite clear when it comes to car mishap claims, you may be a little confused about taxi accidents. The good news is that even passengers who get injured while riding a cab are entitled to compensation. But awareness is what really matters when it comes to getting a claim that you rightfully deserve.

Here is what you can do to claim compensation after a taxi accident.


Your safety is the obligation of the cab driver and company

Taxi drivers are responsible for the safety of passengers. It is their duty to drive smoothly and abide by all the traffic and safety rules to ensure that passengers reach their destination without any trouble.

However, negligent behavior is common, such as a driver pulling away in a hurry while a passenger is still disembarking. When someone gets injured due to the driver’s negligence, the victim can claim compensation and the taxi company will be liable to pay.


The causes of driver negligence may vary

While hurried driving is one of the main reasons for people getting injured when riding taxis, there could be other causes of driver negligence as well. Driver fatigue and driving under alcohol influence are some other factors that come under the coverage of negligence.

Common distractions such as phone calls and texting while driving, loud music and chatting with passengers often result in accidents.


Knowing your rights as a passenger is important

As a passenger, it is important to know the rights you may exercise even before you take a ride. Experts at Thomas Law Offices explain that a person injured in a taxi accident has the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver.

Moreover, the liability may fall on the cab company in some circumstances under the common carrier law. For example, if the accident takes place due to a lack of maintenance of the vehicle, the service provider is liable to pay for the passenger’s injuries.


Take quick action after the accident

Just as in case of a car accident, you should act quickly after a taxi mishap if you want to get the compensation you deserve. First things first, you need to get medical help right after the accident to address your injuries and get documentary evidence to validate them.

Noting down the details of the cab and driver is equally important. Gather details about the witnesses and ask someone to take pictures of the accident spot. Another important step is to call the police and ask them to prepare a police report.

Once all the formalities are taken care of, the next obvious step is to file a taxi accident claim with the taxi’s insurer. It is best to leave the proceedings to an expert personal injury lawyer who has ample experience of dealing with insurance companies in such cases. They can also help you fight out the case in the court if you are not happy with the compensation offered by the insurance company.

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