How Do I Pay With Bitcoin?


Do you need a convenient and simple way of making purchases?

Payment through Bitcoin is a flexible way to help you add products to your shopping cart. If you prefer bitcoin as your payment method, you will need to confirm that your order meets the minimum of $100. Or simply below the order maximum of $250,000.

Then you can proceed to the checkout process. Also, having an existing account with some sites can allow you to log in and complete the checkout process. A complete checkout process must have your name, billing address, shipping address as well as phone contacts.

You can also visit the BitPay site if you want to know the exchange rate for bitcoin.


Bitcoin Wallet Preferred For Making Payments in Bitcoin

You need to be fast when it comes to payments using Bitcoins. This is because the rates are usually on the move and must be finalized in 15 minutes after order creation. However, most Bitcoins can’t make the 15 minutes of processing payments hence your order could be voided.

Many Bitcoin exchanges cannot process a payment that quickly, which could result in your order being voided. This can lead to frustration and cost you money as well.

Numerous wallets don’t support the Payment Protocol with URL. These wallets also don’t accept support that has the Payment Protocol QR code. Therefore, choose wallets that can deliver swift and reliable payments.

For example, you can use BitPay Wallet, Copay Wallet, and Bitcoin Core Wallet among others. But sites like can advise you on how you can make payments using other Cryptocurrencies.


Payments Made using Bitcoin are Subject to Discount

If you make payments using Bitcoin other than credit, debit card or PayPal, you will be eligible for a 3% discount.

Also, you can get product pricing on the site depending on the payment method. This will allow you to know precisely the amount you will be paying.


Can you change the Payment Method to Bitcoin After Completion of an Order?

It is impossible since payments made through credit or debit card, PayPal, and bank wire can’t be altered to Bitcoin.

This is because of orders that select payment method as Bitcoin can’t be altered to any method as soon as it is completed. Numerous sites accept Bitcoin purchases that are designated at checkout time.


Canceling an Order

You can’t cancel an order once it is complete. Sometimes your order may be complete, confirmed but not yet shipped, therefore it can be offset by the “Current Asking Price,” which is the day of written notification.

Most must be made between specific periods depending on your country. Sites like JM Bullion allow you to cancel or offset your order.


Current Bitcoin Price

When you visit numerous Bitcoin sites of your choice, you will find they have highlighted the current Bitcoin price on their page.

Bitcoin price charts enable you to get current bitcoin prices. These sites also allow you to visit their interactive charts if you want to examine the historical prices of Bitcoins.



The establishment of the online payment system Bitcoin has made it easier for clients to make payments swiftly without using banks, credit or debit card firms. Bitcoin is a popular method of payment with a convenient transaction process.

It is a single uniform currency piece within the system, which allows people from various countries to make purchases minus the stress of current exchange rates. And sites like are proud to offer their customers a 3% discount to those who pay by bank wire and check to do.

Do you use Bitcoin to buy stuff?

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