You Can Still Be A ‘Business Of The Future’ Without An Innovative Product


When we think of businesses that are labeled

‘the company of the future,’ we often think of Apple, or Tesla, or SpaceX, or even those that were celebrated without anything to back things up, such as the Theranos scandal that took place at the beginning of this decade.

We often see these companies as standing head and shoulders above us, perhaps even looking down upon us, as they innovate and invent the new practicalities of the industry going forward.

Of course, while we may never be given or grant ourselves that title, we can also find ourselves acting as a ‘company of the future,’ even if we haven’t the most innovative or transformative product to back that up.

In other words, to be forward-facing and attentive in your forward obligations, you need to realize that there are many opportunities for this kind of development outside of revolutionizing an industry in one fell swoop. Setting an example can be more than good enough.

But how might you set those examples? We would like to explore the following options, as they may hold more worth than you realize:


Delivery Of Your Service/Product

What package do you deliver your service or product in? Might that improve? Could it be technology and modern expectations that help shape your approach?

For example, consider how Uber does not officially own taxis, nor did they invent the idea of taxi services. They simply found the most secure, accountable manner for people to book and utilize that service, and to sign new drivers up to the gig economy.

You may use this example as inspiration for how you deliver a service or consider your expansion. Additionally, using services that help you offer the best approach is important.

For example, modular mining accommodation and dongas can help even the most refined mining firm apply a more hospitable, cleanly constructed set of functionalities outside a highly-specific industrial application, and this can make their work all the more reliable.


The Ideals You Uphold

The ideals you uphold may be thoroughly relevant within your industry, be sure they’re not just window dressing to be used for marketing purposes.

For example, many companies co-opt the LGBTQ-focused pride flag during pride month in order to shift more products from the shelves, but how many of those firms actually work for those causes during that time or do their best to be vocal about issues they consider?

It’s also been noted that many companies as of late have had trouble riding the line between supporting the recent Hong Kong protests while also focusing their efforts on selling in China.

When you uphold an ideal, you will curry much more favor than you believe possible.


Transparency & Ethics

Remaining completely transparent about your output, your suppliers, and acting in an ethical manner is important.

For example, paying for the best and most reliable chemical wastage treatment may cost you a little more than you had intended, but if it can sustainability and safely mean that you needn’t partake in any negative waste dumping practices in your overseas branches, it is more than worth the investment.

When you think along those lines, transparency and ethics can keep you upright as a firm.

With this advice, we hope you can still be that ‘business of the future,’ perhaps even without that innovative product.

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