5 Essential Pre-Employment Screening to Reduce the Risk of Hiring Unsuitable Candidates


Every time you hire someone, you are investing a lot of resources in that person, what with the training and giving the employee certain responsibilities, and should you hire the wrong person, this could have serious consequences for both your company and the new employee.

In order to minimize the risk of hiring an unsuitable candidate, there are certain screening procedures that should be in place, and they should include the following.


#1 Qualifications

With so much competition, job applicants find it tempting to paint a rosy picture of themselves, which is why all qualifications should be verified.

With the best will in the world, a potential employee could cause injury to themselves and the company if they are not qualified for the position, and you certainly don’t want that.

Verifying qualifications give you peace of mind, knowing that the person is fully capable regarding their abilities.


#2 Work Experience

Every bit as important as qualifications, all applicants should have adequate work experience, with the exception of hiring an apprentice, and by looking at a candidate’s employment history, you are in a better position to make an informed decision.


#3 Physical Capability

This is very often overlooked, and should you hire someone with an existing back injury, this could result in another work-related injury, and the employee would claim against the company.

In Australia, there are specialist companies that carry out functional capacity evaluation, specifically designed to assess a person’s physical capabilities.

People who are looking for employment can omit certain information when applying for a job, as they feel it might jeopardize their chances of success, and the only way you can be sure of a person’s physical capabilities is to commission an independent physical assessment.


#4 The Right Attitude

This is a key aspect, as you really want to hire someone with the right amount of ambition and a person who understands teamwork.

This is something you can discover during interviews, by asking the right questions and by studying their resume, and once you are satisfied that the applicant wants the job for all the right reasons, you can be sure that they will fit in with the other team players.


#5 Criminal Background Check

If your business involves handling large amounts of money, or you are involved in education or care of some kind, it is vital that you carry out background checks on all potential employees.

In some industries, employee screening is compulsory, and there are agencies that will carry out specific searches on your behalf to ensure that a person has no criminal record.

In order to minimize the risk of hiring the wrong people, you can set up a screening system that includes all of the above, and when you are interviewing potential candidates, your HR staff can accurately assess a person’s suitability prior to offering a contract of employment.

If you forge an alliance with a company that handles pre-employment physical assessments, you can be sure that all potential candidates are physically able to give you their best.

What are you doing to pre-screen candidates to find better employees?

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