How You Can Improve Working Conditions In Your Warehouses


When it comes to safety in the workplace, a lot of managers tend to focus on office environments.

We worry about people sitting at computers all day and suffering from eye strain and backache because of it, and we provide them with eye tests and ergonomic cushions.

Of course, these things are incredibly important, but what about people who are doing much more physical jobs?

Here are some tips on the ways that you can ensure that the people working in your warehouses are happy and safe at work.

Enforce Safety Training

In warehouses, a lot of the work being undertaken is manual labor, which means that it’s incredibly easy for people to get injured and hurt.

It’s important to make sure that you have procedures in place so that people know what they’re doing and where they’re meant to be. You should also make sure that safety training is there for all employees and that it’s regularly refreshed in their minds.

They should know how to lift heavy objects without straining their backs, how to safely operate all machinery, and how injuries can be prevented. You should make sure that someone is trained in first aid so that if an injury does occur, first aid can immediately be administered.

Set Achievable Targets

We all have targets at work. Sales teams have certain figures that they are meant to hit by the end of the month, and warehouse staff tends to have certain time frames that they need to keep to.

It’s important that these time frames and that the goals you set for them are achievable – there is very little that is more demoralizing in the workplace than being set targets that are impossible to reach.

You should also ensure that once these targets are reached, employees are rewarded – let’s face it, everybody loves a lunchtime pizza party.

Invest In Good Quality Equipment

In a warehouse, good quality equipment is not only nice to have around, but it’s also vital in terms of safety and in terms of making sure that the job gets done, whether you’re looking for a new truck or checking out which pallet company you want to go with.

Machinery develops and changes hugely over time which means it’s important for you to invest in equipment that gets the job done more quickly and more safely. One example of this is Custom Lift Tables. These tables can be adjusted to work at the optimal heights on jobs which helps reduce back problems for employees and makes the job experience more pleasant overall.

When you get that new equipment, you need to make sure that everybody is provided with training that enables them to use it with confidence.


Ask For Feedback

Finally, make sure that you ask for opinions, especially if you don’t spend a huge amount of time working in the warehouse yourself.

Unless you’re on the ground it can be difficult to ascertain what issues they may be having, what development they may be looking for in terms of their careers, and what equipment would improve warehouse efficiency. Whether you have face-to-face conversations or hand out surveys, it’s important to consider the results carefully.

Equipment, training, and feedback will ensure that your warehouse is a happy and productive place.

What are you doing to improve working conditions in your warehouse?

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