Don’t Let Your Business Fall Into These 3 Traps


You have put your everything into getting your new business started up. Blood, sweat, and tears have gone into it and no end of hours and money.

We know how much it means to you and how keen you are to succeed. Which is why we wanted to offer a little advice today, built upon our experiences over the years. We are sharing a few common mistakes that we see new businesses make time and time again, and it really does cost them.

So please, don’t let your business fall into these traps.


#1 Don’t assume you know what your customers want

This one is the biggest trap that we see businesses falling into, over and over again. They might have spent hours, even months, developing their perfect visions around this, but it is so easy to still miss the mark.

You build up that profile of your ideal customer, you think about what they will need from you, how they will want to buy it and how they will feel when using your service.

You put everything in place to deliver to all of these needs, but you forget that one crucial ingredient. Actually checking in with the customer on whether it’s right for them.

There are so many ways to gather customer feedback, there is no reason not to do this consistently. You will then be in a position to react to it, respond to it and rectify any issues arising from it.


#2 Don’t fall behind with your technology

Technology moves at lightning speed these days, so it can be hard to keep up. The problem is, you absolutely have to keep up, whether you like it or not.

Prospective clients often expect a certain level of safety and security when using online services and you need to ensure that yours meet these standards. Businesses struggle to bounce back from reports of security breaches as trust can be difficult to rebuild again.

You need to ensure that all of the technology that you use is fit for purpose and you can ill-afford any downtime at all. If you do suffer breakages and malfunctions, then do go to the experts, such as iFixYouri Smart Device Repair as you really cannot be disconnected for any length of time.

Your website and social media accounts all need to be on-brand and they must present the image that you seek to cultivate for your business.


#3 Don’t ignore your competitors

Whilst it is true that you want to deliver your own service and product in a way that is unique to your business, this does not mean that you should ignore your competition. Always check in on what they are doing as you will learn so much from them and they could drive you forward.

They might be better at keeping their staff, why is this? They might be attracting a certain demographic that appears to be eluding you, why is this?

They might be running a strong marketing campaign, what can you do to counter it? There is so much that you can take from checking in from time to time on what the competition is doing and it may well give rise to fresh inspiration and ideas for your own business.

What are you doing to keep your business from falling into these traps?

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