5 Tips to Keep Your Business Clean This Summer


Running an office for your business can be a little more complex than it sounds. When it comes to running the best office for your employees you need to think about getting the best equipment for them to use, some good facilities, and also make sure that the office is comfortable.

One of the other things we need to think about is keeping the office clean and tidy throughout the working week. Having a clean office is important and it is something which will not only affect the morale and atmosphere in the office but it will, of course, have a huge effect on the health of you and your team.

Today we are going to look at a few of the ways that you can keep the office nice and clean this summer.


#1 Compact your rubbish

If you have a large office and also a warehouse within your business, Compactors can be a great way to reduce the space your paper and plastic waste takes up and it will also allow you to recycle your waste effectively.

A compactor can be a good addition to your business and it is something which you should definitely consider bringing into the office this year.


#2 Have a rota

It is never down to 1 person to clean the whole office unless you hired a cleaner of course (if you are looking to do this, you can check out a potential option for someone you could hire here). Make sure that you create a rota in the office every week so that the cleaning schedule in your office is fair and that you don’t have to do all of the work. A few of the jobs you could add to your cleaning rota could be…

  • Clean kitchen counters
  • Clean microwave
  • Wash and dry cookware
  • Vacuum the floor
  • Dust desks
  • Tidy up paperwork
  • Replace toilet roll
  • Clean bathroom

There are lots more things you can add to a cleaning rota but these are just a few examples of items.


#3 Keep desks organized

Our desks after a long while can become a little too full of items which don’t need to be there. We all end up with paperwork on our desk now and again, and old pens and stationery might find their way to space too.

Have a think about keeping desks organized once a week for 10 minutes and this will help keep things intact.


#4 Clean the fridge

It is crucial that someone in the office cleans the fridge every so often.

Every few weeks it is important for someone to take the time to clean the fridge and get rid of the old food. This will ensure that your food stays hygienic and it will prevent people from having issues with health.


#5 Wash the windows

Summer is a time where the air is fresh and the days are bright, and what better way to make sure you can make the most of it than to wash the windows once a week?

Making sure the windows are clean will allow more light into the office and this can be great for productivity and morale too.


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