An Estate Lawyer’s Guide To Better Service


As an estate lawyer, you must be possessing the obvious skill set and lean mindset towards estate planning and estate laws. Have you ever received any feedback from your clients? I hope that all the feedbacks are appreciative.

Errors can never be completely removed. As an expert, you must have experienced this. Clients often don’t address the problems as they don’t really recognize them. But as a professional, you must identify and solve the problems. Customer service is recognized as the most important factor that can affect any business. And I believe there’s no doubt in it that you as a professional are running a self-sustainable business.

Having said that, there is always room for improvement. Even the best of the best need to update from time to time.


Build A Relationship

Customer relationship is all about the inclination of the customer and the service provider towards each other’s concern. The service providers need to earn the loyalty of the customers and retain them. It’s no wonder that it is the service provider who has to take the initiative to build a relationship.

As an estate attorney, relationship building is all the more important for you. You may not need to retain your customer, as nobody needs to plan their estate again and again. But, you may still need to understand the exact requirements of your client. You want your client to be open before you. Unless your client does not tell you everything up front in detail, there’ll always be room for troubles and complications at a later stage.

You need to make your client comfortable with you. Try discussing something abruptly unimportant. Make friends with him. Try to understand your client’s personality and behavior. This would eventually help you evaluate your client’s estate and finances, and their family.


Make Use Of Technology To Omit Errors

I hope you can recall the time when all the documentation and filing was carried out on paper. The times have changed. There are many tools and software available to ease your task including estate planning software. These technological tools and software can assist you with the drafting of documents, proofing of documents, and filing of documents.

The best part of technology is that it reduces the error. With the higher order of computation and speed integration, the tasks are simplified and the quality of work has improved. Your clients need error-free services, and with the help of technology, you can serve them probably the best service.


Communicate As Much As Needed

For a good relationship, communication is very important. You should spend some time with your client in person. Communicate with your clients as much as needed. Unless you know your client inside out, you probably won’t be able to help them the best way you can.

All expertise and experience are null if there is a gap in communication. Regular two-way conversations can set aside any confusion and fill the gaps.

Make sure you note down all the assets and titles nominated by your client, and incorporate all of them in their estate plan. Drafting “will” becomes a lot easier when you have a clear picture of your client’s estate and assets in your mind. And, to get that picture, you need to be elaborate while asking for the details from your client.


Ask For An Unbiased Feedback

Lastly, one important factor that can help you improve your service quality is feedback. Provide your clients with a way to give feedback. It is very crucial that you receive feedback. Estate planning is something that an individual does once in their lifetime. So, there is no repetition of the customer base.

In order to assess what can be improved, you need feedback from your clients. This would ensure that no mistakes are repeated, and every client is served to satisfaction. You can include all sorts of questions in your feedback form. For example, you can ask what they liked and what they didn’t, a rating for their satisfaction level regarding the services, their personal opinion, etc.

Before you create feedback, you can introspect your own performance, the past mistakes, and what you’ve learned from those mistakes. This could help you make your feedback form more easy to understand and answer for your clients.

As already mentioned, there is very less probability that your client would return to you for the same task again and again, unless there need to be any amendments. But still, customer satisfaction is important to keep receiving referral client and stay in business.

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