10 Transformer Safety Tips That Plant Owners Need To Follow


Plant owners and supervisors need to be extra cautious while handling heavy-duty industrial equipment which emits high voltage. Even minor carelessness and ignorance can cost them dearly because it can be a safety risk for the plant and the workforce.

Further, an equipment failure is expensive to deal with and can cause downtime as well. All in all, any failure or problems with the industrial equipment can translate into a massive loss and safety risk for the business.

Among the high-voltage industrial equipment that needs good care and maintenance is electrical transformers. They keep the plant running and manage the voltage requirements for the machinery.

While regular checks and maintenance are essential to keep them in good condition, you should also know all the safety norms that you need to follow.

Here is a transformer safety checklist that can be of great help to industrial plant owners and supervisors.


#1 Buy only from reputed sellers

Before even starting with the maintenance checklist, you need to be careful about buying quality equipment from a reputed seller.

Make sure that you buy only high-grade and latest equipment that has passed the required testing standards and safety guidelines established in the industry.


#2 Monitor before installation

Even if you buy a tested transformer from a credible seller, there is still a need to monitor and observe it prior to and during the installation process.

Watch out for burning odor and make sure that all the cables and wires are thoroughly tightened. Also, have a complete check to identify cracked cords and plugs and get them changed if required.


#3 Keep the power off when not in use

Another useful tip to keep an industrial transformer in an optimal condition is to turn the power off while it is not in use. This takes of extra pressure from the machine and gives it ample rest during the downtime.

When you do switch it off, ensure that the circuit is properly tagged out and there is no leakage in the system.


#4 Pay attention to overloading

The overloading of the transformer is a major security concern and must be prevented at all costs.

The best approach is to have your industrial requirements judged by an expert and install the optimal number of transformers to handle them well enough. Excessive load on a single or an insufficient number of machines is the key cause of overloading.


#5 Invest in regular maintenance

Periodic maintenance including checks, repairs, and cleaning can prolong the transformer’s lifespan and reduce the safety risks as well.

Bill Johnson from Utility Service (https://utilityservice.net/) explains that transformers should be cleaned and painted regularly to ensure that they last as long as possible. Trust only experts for the regular checks and maintenance for all industrial equipment.


#6 Follow routine safety procedures

Besides paying close attention to regular maintenance of the transformers, ensure that your workforce adheres to the routine safety procedure stringently. Provide them proper safety equipment which they must use while working with the transformers. Train them properly to prevent any safety breaches and accidents during routine usage.


#7 Keep the machinery grounded

It is absolutely mandatory to keep the transformer machinery grounded because it removes the static charge.

Further, grounding also offers protection for the windings and prevents them from contacting with a core, thus reducing the chances of an incident to the minimal.


#8 Always stick to the specifications

Industrial transformers have current specifications that you must absolutely stick to. Never try to modify the conductors and circuits to enhance the permissible current value of the transformer as it may lead to a major disaster in the plant. Always maintain the overcurrent protection according to the standards mentioned on the equipment.


#9 Ensure the proper environment

Another transformer safety tip for plant owners and supervisors is to always place the machinery in a proper environment.

Primarily, reserve a clean and dry area for placing it as you need to protect it from moisture. Place a warning sign nearby to ensure that no one gets hurt inadvertently.


#10 Look out for unusual signs

Besides regular safety checks and maintenance, you should keep a close eye on any unusual signs with the transformer. If there is something amiss with its working, shut it off immediately and get it checked by an expert. Do not turn it on again unless you have had a complete safety check for it.

Industrial transformers are essential to keep your plant up and running optimally. So they need good care and regular maintenance to ensure that your plant operates smoothly and is safe at all the time.

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