PMP Certification: The Certification Designed for Project Managers


Project Management Professional is a course, which helps a project manager to manage the projects easily. PMP is a global certification, which helps the project managers to work in any industry. The certification enables to get a good salary, which further helps the managers and higher personnel to become financially sound. There are many other certifications for project management, but PMP Is the best.

According to a survey, candidates who are pursuing a PMP Course are getting good pay in comparison to those who are not pursuing it. Employers are also getting good managers who can manage projects, whether simple or critical, in a planned way that leads to their successful completion.

PMP helps the project managers to speak the language that is used by the managers. This will help to connect the professionals to the community of other professionals, organizations, and experts.

Here are the reasons because of which people want to pursue this valuable certification.


#Freedom of work anywhere

People who take up a PMP course have the option of working anywhere in the world as the certification is accepted globally. The PMP professionals get hired easily as they can demonstrate themselves and are also able to show their skills and expertise in their field.

According to a survey, there are more than 760,000 PMP professionals who are working in different parts of the world.


#Increase in salary

PMP certified professionals get a high salary as they get a good hike because of their performance and expertise. The non-certified counterparts do not get a considerable hike in comparison to the certified ones.

This is the reason that PMP certification has become mandatory for the people who want to become a project manager as it stands out the individual among the crowd of other professionals.


#Market research expansion

PMP holders get an opportunity of wide market research to search job in India and abroad. They can join project management communities and forums online, which will help them in searching for the job.

They can share their experiences and expertise and also read the experiences of others.


#Job opportunities

The certification provides opportunities for better career options.

The survey shows that today 80% of projects are being handled by PMP certified professionals. There are more surveys, which prove that the organizations are in need of PMP certified professionals to handle their projects and deploy them successfully.


#Challenging projects

PMP professionals can handle challenging projects due to their expertise, so their role is very important in handling a project. People who want to pursue the PMP course or certification must be well educated and experienced.

The certification once done helps to validate the skills of the candidate in directing and managing the projects, thus making him proficient for handling complex projects as well.


#Better project performance

There are many project managers who are not PMP certified, so handling a project for them becomes difficult as they are not able to work efficiently in comparison to certified ones.

The PMP certification is considered as the topmost one in the case of project management and one who clears it is aware of the five processes used in project management. These processes are

  •         Initiating
  •         Planning
  •         Executing
  •         Monitoring and controlling
  •         Closing

These are the processes, which the project manager must be aware of while dealing with a project and beginners who want to clear the exam to become future managers should have in-depth knowledge of the following.

  •         Project scope management
  •         Integration management
  •         Human resource management
  •         Time management
  •         Cost management, quality management
  •         Procurement management


#First choice of recruiters

PMP certified professionals are more in demand for the post of a project manager than the non-certified ones. The recruiters give chance to these professionals as they are aware of the expertise the candidates have in project management.



The cost of the exam comes in mid-range and requires much knowledge in order to clear it as it is termed as one of the toughest exams. The passing rate of the exam is around 50% to 60%.


#Requirement for PMP exam

Here are the prerequisites to look for in order to pursue the examination.

  •         A secondary degree which includes a high school diploma
  •         Having experience of 7,500 hours in directing and leading projects
  •         Project management education of 35 hours

Other requirements include:

  •          Project leading and directing experience of 4,500 hours
  •          Project management education of 35 hours


#Smoe Hurdles Coming across to pursue the PMP certification

PMP certification is a good option for those who want to make a career in the field of project management. The cost of the certification is high but there are many benefits, which the candidate will get if he clears the exam.

Here are some problems related to the PMP exam:

Costly: The exam is very costly but if a candidate is a member of any institute related to project management, the cost may get reduced. If a person fails in the exam, he again has to pay a large sum of money to retake it.

Besides the cost of the exam, there is a preparation cost, which includes training, books, sample questions, and many other things.

Difficult: People know that it is the most difficult and hardest exam. It is so because the exam tests the memory of the concepts of project management along with their practical applications.

Another thing is the number of questions and time. A candidate has to answer 200 questions in 240 minutes. The exam is prestigious because of its toughness and the candidates need to do hard work for preparing the exam.

Time-consuming: Apart from financial cost, it also takes a lot of time in preparing for the exam. The preparation of the exam has to be done by the candidate himself. The candidates have to study different materials and take the help of many books and guides. Along with it, they can also join preparatory sessions and take sample exam related to the PMP certification.

Another thing that the candidates have to do is making a list of projects that they have executed. They need to include every minute details related to the project which takes a lot of time. The project execution details have to be done very carefully as an audit is established to check whether the information provided is authentic or fake.


#Benefits of PMP certification

In spite of certain difficulties, there are many benefits for the candidates who pursue the exam successfully.

Resume: PMP is considered as the most valuable course in terms of project management career and if it is mentioned in the resume, its value increases. The companies who need a project manager first consider the certified candidates who have taken the exam over the rest.

Since the demand for project managers is high in the market, so many candidates apply for the post. The resumes are separated on the basis of the one who has pursued the exam and the one who has not taken it.

Recognition in industry: The certification has got good recognition all over the world and the candidates can work in any industry. The job scope of the PMP certification increases the value of resume and so there is no problem regarding the industry in which the candidates get a job.

The companies believe that only certified managers can handle the project effectively, so they give priority to PMP professionals. The companies know that these professionals will complete the project successfully and deliver it on time.

Learning skills: The PMP certified professionals have high standards as the candidates know about the practical application of each skill needed to handle the project and complete it on time.


#Final Say

PMP is a very difficult certification and also very costly but it gives many benefits, so people ignore the cost and the difficulties and try to pursue the exam. The PMP professionals are high in demand as they can work in any type of industry.

Organizations and their management very well know that these professionals can handle a project and lead it to successful execution and within the budget as holding a PMP certificate in hand, is not less than a hard nut to crack.

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