4 Ways a Variable Speed System Can Cut Down on Costs

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Gone are the days of trying to sleep when your home is like a sauna or while wrapped in seven layers of sweaters. Your HVAC system has the job of keeping you comfortable 24/7, 365 days a year. However, homeowners know it’s not always that simple.

A standard HVAC system operates on two settings: on or off. In the long run, this eats up energy and money. The solution is the addition of a variable-speed system. Unlike the standard unit, variable-speed systems have more than two settings, using the exact amount of energy necessary to maintain the desired temperature of your home.

Below are four ways variable-speed systems can cut down on costs:


#1 Higher Efficiency

An obvious upside to variable-speed systems is minimal energy consumption. Unlike a standard unit, these systems run for longer periods at lower frequencies, reducing the amount of energy used. This difference in consumption could save you up to 40 percent a year on your energy costs.

In addition to energy efficiency, variable-speed systems tend to produce less noise and better air quality, which can give you the sort of peace that money can’t buy. Nothing is worse than the whirring sound of your AC starting up just as you’re sitting down to a nice family dinner.


#2 Temperature/Humidity Control

If you’re like Goldilocks, always feeling too hot or too cold, you’ll appreciate one of the most desirable features of variable-speed systems — their ability to keep the temperature in your home consistent, with far less hassle than traditional systems.

Similarly, variable-speed systems are better at managing humidity than standard units. Humidity is fuel for mold and bacteria, which can harm the health of your family and your home (not to mention your wallet) over time.


#3 Durability

The more frequently you slam on your brakes, the more frequently you’ll need to get your brake pads replaced. A similar principle applies to your HVAC system.

Over a particularly hot summer, your cooling system is going to be busy. After a while, all that turning on and off takes a toll on the system, forcing homeowners to dish out money to repair or replace their unit.

With variable-speed systems, which can stay on longer at lesser frequencies, the reduction in hard stops and starts means a longer life cycle and therefore less money spent over the long term.


#4 Zoning

Many variable-speed HVAC systems come with a smart thermostat, which is not only able to monitor your comings and goings, but is similarly able to determine which rooms you use at certain times, thereby heating/cooling your home accordingly.

Why pay to cool the kitchen at 2:00 a.m. if you don’t have to?

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your energy bills, the installation of a variable speed system is worth the consideration. With the potential to save you money and increase comfort, these systems may be the future of HVAC services. Why choose cost over comfort when you can have both?

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