3 Tips to Getting The Money You’re Owed


You’ll go through life being owed various different bits of money that you might not even be aware of.

Some you will be aware of, but they’re just so damn hard to sort you often feel like it might not be worth it, especially if your normal salary is already bringing in a nice income.

But imagine what you could do with that extra bit of money. It could go into a savings pot for a nice holiday, a new car, or just for a rainy day.  But it might be the case that you don’t even realize you’re owed some money.

That’s where we’re here to help. If you fit into any of the categories below, then get onto the case to try and improve your finances.


#1 Tax Back

When the end of the tax year comes around, you might be entitled to a bit of money that you might not have been aware of. Sometimes the tax office can tell a long long time to let you know about it as well.

In some cases, they just don’t even tell the person they’re owed some tax. You’ll fall into this category if you’ve been in the wrong tax bracket for some time, and the money you could be owed might actually be a lot more than you think.

Get on the case and ring the office when it is the end of the tax year. It might be a nice little surprise for you. If you are owed it and they know about it, you’ll either get a cheque through the post, or you’ll have it added to your next paycheck.


#2 Benefits

Getting a disability allowance is actually a lot harder than it would seem. There’s a lot of paperwork involved, and a lot of people just don’t see it as worth it. There are requirements to getting disability benefits but if you do meet them there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be trying to get what you’re owed.

It will help you out so much with the daily living costs that might be a tad bit more expensive than the rest of us. Another example, if you have young children, you are entitled to child tax benefits by the government to help you out each month.

It might not be a lot, but anything is better than nothing when you have children. Disability is something not a lot of people seem to chase either.

#3 Potential Claims

This is one where you really could make a bit of extra money if you’re struggling with life. If you’ve ever had an accident, no matter where it is, you should always be looking to claim to get back the money you’re owed.

If it was at work, we can see why you’d be reluctant to get the money back if you’re fearful of losing your job. But this shouldn’t stop you, and you can get them into trouble on the grounds of unlawful dismissal if they did remove you from the team after a claim.

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