5 Tips to Reducing Your Out-Of-Pocket Healthcare Costs


As we enter 2018, there is no relief in sight for the American family that is struggling to pay for healthcare insurance and medical expenses. The Trump administration is struggling to come up with a “better way” but, while they struggle, many Americans must choose between their healthcare and essentials for their quality of life.

Experts are expecting massive increases in healthcare insurance in the coming year. In some states, insurance costs will exceed 50%. For middle-America, this could be devastating. While the law says we must have health insurance, we find ourselves bending beneath the weight of the already costly expenses.

HealthMarket is helping you to find affordable health insurance companies. While we brace for the financial shock, we must remain diligent in keeping our coverage affordable and our health costs low.

Below, we will give you a few tips that will help you succeed in this quest. We urge you to do your own research. Call professionals and let them walk you through the confusing policies. There is no time to waste. The warning signs are in full swing.


Be proactive


It sounds a bit simple and yet many of us have neglected our health in the past few years due to the insurance and healthcare expense we face.

Now is the time to get your health in order. Not only will your body respond positively, so will your wallet.


#1 Health

Before the year ends, have your annual check-up. Address any problems no matter how small that is of concern. Eat healthily, control your weight, exercise, and rest.

Make it your immediate plan to reduce stress and to fight for a healthy body. A healthy person needs fewer doctors visits than a non-healthy person.


#2 Insurance

Make an appointment to sit down or phone your insurance provider. Let them help you determine the best plan for you based on your needs.

If you are confused about your coverage, let them explain it to you.  Not knowing what coverage you have, which doctors you can use, and what services are in your plan can be a costly error.


#3 Doctor

Be sure your doctor is an approved provider for you. At your next visit, review your medical needs and create a plan of action to address chronic problems.

Speak with him or her about the drugs you take. Insist on generic drugs whenever possible. Your doctor gets a cash incentive for prescribing name-brand drugs. Insist upon generics or an alternative medication. If your doctor is not responsive to your financial situation, consider finding a new doctor.


#4 Watch for Billing Errors

Your doctor’s staff are people. People make mistakes. Be sure to review every doctor bill and hospital bill. If you (or your insurance company) are being billed for tests or procedures you did not receive, contact them to adjust the bill.

Remember, what your insurance company has to pay directly affects you.


#5 Negotiate

Many people believe that the doctor’s word is law. While it is an elevated position, the bottom line is that your doctor is in a business. If he wants to perform a procedure that is more than you can pay, ask him for a reduced price.

Shop around with other doctors and see if you can get the care you need at a lower price. Your doctor may not reduce his fee, but often they will. However, you have to ask for it.

There is no doubt that Americans will face any health-related challenges in the coming year. Do not wait until you have an emergency to address these issues.

Be proactive and be prepared. This will ensure you have the best coverage available to you and you will be ready for whatever health issue arises in 2018.

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