Factories: The 3 Key Factors


It’s a delicate spinning of plates, running an organization.

Every business industry has its own unique set of challenges according to the industry, and for factory and manufacturing businesses, where the environment is very mechanically led; it can be very difficult to establish a more human set of ideals.

The factory setup is a longstanding tradition that has seldom been tampered with because it seems to yield the best results. But what can we do as leaders to establish a better working environment for our staff members?


#1 Look At The Smaller Details

In an environment where one small mess up can cause a whole backlog of problems, it makes for a very stressful process on occasion. Something as simple as tech is what we lean on to make our day to day working life easier.

But in making the process easier, is your tech just redundant?

The tradition of a process that has been long ingrained in a factory is hard to break out of, but by integrating equipment with multiple uses, it can cut down on cost but also make the workers’ lives easier.

A factory where your workers need to deal with multiple tasks using various types of equip


ment to weld different materials can impede productivity; so instead, having a “one size fits all” approach to welding will help with this.


For welding equipment, this review changed my entire perspective on what one item of equipment can do for your business.

By making the most of one item of equipment, you’re cutting costs and increasing productivity just enough to help everyone out.


#2 Outsourcing… Is It All Bad?

Many permanent members of staff look at outsourcing to be a cheap way of getting people to do more work, but it is much more than that.

Yes, the costs to you as a business will be significantly cut back, but it helps to round off the edges in so many ways.

Your productivity doesn’t have to go down, and by having temporary members of staff come in to help increase your productivity, or meet targets, or help to fulfill orders, it makes life a lot easier for everyone.

The integrating freelance or temporary staff into your operation is probably the hard bit, but you need to treat them like you would any other permanent member of staff.

They will have less motivation to be there than permanent members of staff, so to make the most of them while they are working for you is to make them feel at home.


#3 Look At How You Lead

The notion of innovation is looked upon with disdain by some people, yet others welcome it. But it all begins with you and your leadership qualities.



We’re all aware of the hard-nosed foreman image, and that style of leadership doesn’t work now.

The framework needs to take a more holistic approach, and these means rolling with the punches and taking risks, and above all, leading your company with an open door and an open mind.

The human approach to an antiquated way of working may be what saves your company.   


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