5 Dumb Gambling Mistakes that Smart People Make


You’re smart.

You have a good career that required years of training. You spend your days making important decisions, you socialize with others who can hold intelligent conversations.

It can be difficult to think you may make some decisions that are less than intelligent. One of the places this happens is when gambling.

After all, it’s a game. You spend your day stressing your brain and are only stopping by the live casino at redbet or another online casino to relax and maybe win some money.

Here are five dumb gambling mistakes that even the smartest of people make.


#1 Not Setting Time Limits

People start out an evening with the idea that “I’ll just play a couple hands of this” and before they know it, it’s five hours later and they have lost next month’s gas payment.

Before you even start playing, make it a point to set both monetary and time limits for your night. In this way, you can decide how much money you can truly afford to lose without causing a financial strain.

You also leave time open to take care of other things you may want to do.


#2 Betting Based on Hunches

Hunches have their place in life but spending hard-earned money is not that place.

You may have a feeling that your luck on a certain game is going to be great tonight, and you place a bet and lose.

You trust that hunch, however, and keep playing, and keep losing. Gambling is something where you need to make sure you bring common sense with you.

No matter how lucky you “feel” let the facts speak for themselves and listen.


#3 Making the Maximum Bet

It can be tempting to make the maximum bet as you anticipate that maximizes your winnings, but it also makes you run through your daily money limit quicker if you lose.

It is better to keep your bets at the minimum level. You will be able to make a greater number of bets throughout the night, which increases the chance that you will win something.

The wins may not be as high as those made with maximum bets, but having more chances can end up with you further ahead than if you have several losses at this higher betting rate.

Also if you want to find the best bonuses for you then consider the options I’ve listed.


#4 Too Many Wagers at Once

It makes sense that if you place bets in a variety of places, you increase the chances of one of them winning. What is often forgotten is that even if one wager is a winner, the rest are losers.

It will take longer, and be just as profitable overall if you limit your wagers to no more than two at a time.

Spreading things too thin is setting yourself up for greater losses than you might otherwise experience. When it comes to placing wagers, don’t fall into the trap of anticipating possible wins.

By thinking in terms of possible losses, you not only keep yourself in check but you also intensify the feeling when you do win.


#5 Not Cashing Out Slot Machines

Many people tend to use the slot machines as a break in the evening.

They take whatever winnings and end up putting them right back into the slot machines or using the winnings at other games and eventually losing them. Slot machine winnings can eventually add up.

When you win, cash out the winnings and use put them aside, away from the limits you have set for spending this night.

You at least leave with a small amount of gain rather than ending up spending all you have brought and your winnings.


Final Thoughts

Making dumb mistakes doesn’t mean you aren’t smart.

Follow the above tips and use common sense and you can enjoy your experience as it is meant to be enjoyed, a pleasant escape from the high-stressed days that make up your life.

So have you tried any of the tips above, if so which one.  Share your thoughts and comments below.


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