Online MBAs: Weighing the Pros and Cons


While online MBAs continue to be among the most popular concentrations for students looking for an online education, it is very important to know what they entail before you enroll on one.

Yes, online MBAs have significant advantage over traditional MBAs that shouldn’t be overlooked, but they also have their fair share of drawbacks that should be considered as well.

In this article, we’re going to cover some of the advantages and inconveniences of online MBAs so you can make a sound decision.


Online MBAs Offer More Flexibility

One of the nicest advantages of online MBAs is that they allow you to work around your schedule.

Asynchronous online MBAs allow you to log on anytime, and from anywhere you wish to consult study materials and complete assignments.

The basic idea behind MBA online programs is that they provide the same level of education as a traditional program, without the hassle of having to attend classes every day.

These programs allow you to graduate with your MBA in about two years and break everything down course by course. As a result, you can continue to work at your current job and earn this advanced degree in the evenings, so that you don’t have to put yourself under financial duress to further your career.

No other learning method provides this type of flexibility to students.

This is by far the best choice for employed professionals who want to further their education, or people with families who still want to make time for their loved ones.


Online Courses Require More Discipline

While the liberty of an online MBA can be an advantage, it can also work to your detriment as well. Since you won’t have to answer to anyone, you’ll need an extra dose of motivation to complete your assignments.

Depending on your personality, you might prefer the structure an actual classroom offers, but if you feel like you’re motivated enough and have the proper time management skills, then an online education is definitely for you.


Online MBAs Demand more in Class Participation

While it may sound counter intuitive at first, online courses may encourage more “in class” discussions than regular classes.

Online courses make it a point to engage students, and to maximize students’ investment online colleges try to get students to participate as much as possible through online chat. Some students that would otherwise be too shy to speak up in a public setting have the chance to engage with other students without fear of ridicule.

This is a great chance for everyone to participate in discussions and make their opinions known without fear of judgement.


Online Communication isn’t for Everyone

While there are some students that might prefer the discretion and anonymity of online discussions, others might prefer the feedback they get from face-to-face interactions.

Some students might feel disengaged when speaking through chat only and might drift away instead of engaging in dialogue.



All in all, online MBAs are great for students who want a convenient, engaging and affordable alternative to traditional colleges. However, before you pursue an online education, it’s important to know whether it is the right choice based on your personality.

It is also essential that you choose an online MBA from a nationally accredited institution. While online MBAs are getting more and more recognition, holding a degree from a non-accredited college will get you nowhere. The University of Maryland is an example of a nationally accredited online institution that offers an online MBA degree.

Before you make a choice, make sure that you go with a reputable school and make sure that you know everything there is to know about their program before you sign up for anything.

In the end an MBA is a great way to invest in your career.  So are you looking into an online MBA?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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