4 Times Your Financial Clout is Threatened (and What to do About It)

Money is one of the most important things in the world because you need it to live.

And you have to appreciate that there will be times and situations that will test the clout of your finances. It’s important to think about how we view and approach finances these days.

For example…

65% of Millennials aren’t saving for the long term. – CNBC

This, of course, throws up all sorts problems to begin with already. So you need to attempt to have some sort of savings policy. And, you need to know about the occasions on which your financial clout could well be threatened.


Breaking the Law


Breaking the law comes with its own set of financial problems. There is the risk of being out of work due to jail time or being sacked.

There’s also the financial implications of a court case to think about. One of the best ways to ease the stress and pain of this is to hire a really great lawyer who can get your case thrown out. Who wouldn’t want their DWI dismissed by Scheiner Law or firms like them?

It’s moves like this that can really help ease the financial repercussions of breaking the law.


Quitting Your Job

Naturally, quitting your job throws up all kinds of uncertainty. Consider the fact that 30% of Americans have $1,000 or less in their accounts at any one time.

This means that you could well struggle if you don’t walk right into a new job straight away. So, you have got to come up with options to help you through this without hurting your finances too much.

Maybe doing some online work in the meanwhile, or selling items you no longer need can help you generate some extra income.


Moving to a New House

We will all get to a stage where we’ll need to move to a new house at some point. And this is something that will cost you a lot of money to do.

So you need to work out how much it’s likely to set you back to complete the move. It will depend on where you’re moving to, of course.

The average cost of a move within the state comes in at around $1,200. Moving between states can ramp this cost up to the region of $5,600.

However, some sources think it can be as much as around $12,000 to move. It’s pretty clear that you need a strategy in place to make sure you don’t suffer financially.




Investments are the future, and they represent a great way of supplementing the money you’ve already saved up.

It’s important to consider what the investment options are that you can benefit from. You might choose to go the traditional route of investing in stocks and shares.

But, you might also consider other things depending on how much money you have. Investment opportunities range anything from real estate and motion pictures to wine and artwork.

But you need to be careful to make sure you can afford the investments you make and benefit your financial future.


Final Thoughts…

We all have trying times in our lives and scenarios where we struggle for cash.

There are many scenarios where our financial clout and security will be threatened. And these are the times we have to take action to ensure we have the money we need.

What are you doing to improve and bring more cash flow in your life so you have to fall back on the need of others?  I would love to hear how you are dealing with this issue and how you plan to overcome it.

Share your thoughts and comments below.


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