How to Save Money on Dental Bills

how to save money at the dentistDental health care can be a pricey expense for those with little to no insurance coverage.

Personally I’ve dealt with my fair share of dental bills over the years from have several fillings done to a crown on one tooth.  And as you may know that things can get costly quick.

However there are plenty of alternatives that will help aid those who wish to save money on future dental bills.

These simple solutions will help patients keep their hard-earned money in their wallet where it belongs.


#1 Visit Local Dental Schools

Students completing their dental health degree have certain requirements to finish.  

This includes a variety of hands-on procedures supervised by their licensed dental instructors. These services are often inexpensive or even free, for those willing to participate.

If a student needs a patient, and you need your teeth cleaned, both parties meet their own requirements. Contact your local dental schools to see if they have any openings available.


#2 Reach Out To Charities

Charities do exist to help those with severe dental issues.

Each program has a set of requirements and an application process. Use resources within your community to get in touch with organizations that assist in these types of processes.

A local youth or family bureau can support families by connecting them to generous local health care companies. 


#3 Consider Buying an Insurance Plan

One way to avoid high out-of-pocket dental costs is by purchasing an insurance plan.

While this method doesn’t always work for everyone, many companies will offer discounted insurance prices for full-time employees. A majority of dental insurance policies use a 100-80-50 formula plan.

This means that all preventive costs are covered, 80-percent of basic procedures are taken care of, and 50-percent of major services are paid for. Insurance plans usually include a maximum capital amount.

Anything over the designated maximum is the patient’s responsibility to pay for.


#4 Utilize Local Health/Wellness Days

Taking care of dental problems as they arise instead of letting them get worse will save you a huge amount in the end.

A single visit each year can help point out potential problems such as cavities and infections. Consider scheduling appointments on local health or wellness days within your community.

Many major cities in the United States have designated times where healthcare professionals donate services to those with lower annual incomes.


Final Words on Dental Bills

Ignoring a toothache can be extremely detrimental to your health.

Don’t let money be the deciding factor on whether you should be treated to medical help. Use resources to help aid and assist you in order to save money on your future dental bills.

You may be surprised at the variety of options you have available to you. 

So how do you deal with dental bills?  Share your thoughts and comments below.

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