3 Reasons Debtmerica Relief Is A Legit Company

If you’ve reached this page your probably wondering if Debtmerica Relief is a scam or a real legit company.  First off, I can tell you that their is no Debtmerica Relief Scam and in this article I’m going to show you why they are a legit company after all.

The Typical Credentials

dbWhen your considering a debt relief company you should look to see if they are D&B listed and TASC rated.  D&B and The Association of Settlement Companies work to fulfill certain standards that must be met in order to listed with these organizations.

tascThese are things like having good debt practices and treating customers fairly.  If these things are not met and you don’t see the symbols to your right then stay away from these companies.  If they don’t have these credentials theirs probably reason for that.

Contact Info

The next thing you need to look for is contact information, and I’m not just talking about a sign up form either.  For example when you go to Debtmerica.com you will see their phone number is prominently displayed at the top of their website.

On top of that they also have a contact page displaying a contact form as well, but they also go one step further to give their address and complete business hours.  If the debt company you are looking at does not have these things stay away.  Here is their current contact info.

Phone: 1-800-470-8155

Mail: Debtmerica LLC, Attn: Customer Care, 3100 S. Habor Blvd., Suite 250, Santa Ana, CA 92704

Business Hours: 7 am to 7pm PST Monday to Friday and 9 am to 2 pm PST Saturday.

Industry Praise

inc_500Finally, you need to look for some sort of industry praise, meaning what is the media saying about this company.  Now before I go any further know that a lot of debt relief sites will give testimonials and those are good but anybody can fake a bunch of testimonials.  Instead look for media credibility.

For example, Debtmerica is listed in Inc. Magazine top 500 and as of 2010 currently rank 184th.  On top of that they also rank as the 13th fastest growing company in financial services, with nearly $23 million in revenue in 2009.  These are fairly prestigious awards and can not be faked.

What Could Make Debtmerica Better

Finally, to wrap things up I feel Debtmerica is a stable and legitimate company but I do feel they could still improve what they have.  One suggestion I feel they could improve upon is if they offered some sort of a guarantee.

For example companies like Curadebt have a 100% money back guarantee if your not satisfied for any reason.  I feel with something like this it would give people a sense of security if things didn’t work out as planned.

Thoughts or comments, share them below.

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